Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Hens Party .. the actual event

I had my hen's party on Saturday, the weekend just been and man it was great fun. I got up reasonably early and got myself down to Toni and Guy in Cronulla where Annabelle recreated my possible hairstyle with hair extensions and it was really quick as well. I was very impressed as usually it takes ages for my hair to get put up.

See the photos for how it went. I loved it!

Hair extensions insitu - my colourist has coloured them so perfectly you wouldn't even know i had extensions in. (my photo)
Side view (my photo)
Back view of my hair up (my photo)
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Back view (my photo)
Front view doing the terrible fake smile (my photo)
So after it was all paid for, I jumped into my car, got home, and started doing my make up as quick as I could as the girls were expecting me to be at the races at a certain time. One of my friends came round here and then we caught a taxi in to my SIL's, had a glass of wine to relax and headed off to the races. It was not a very nice day and was drizzling for most of the day but at least it was warm.

When we got there, my MOH adorned me with a tiara and veil and we started betting on the horses and playing games which was great fun.

Me and my MOH (my photo)
Embarrassment as there was a dare card where a random stranger had to call FH and tell him how lucky he was (my photo)
The actual calling of FH (my photo)
Some of these dares were quite crazy but with a few bevies under our belts they turned out to be quite fun. There was call your ex and tell him you are getting married, sing incy spider to a guy, convince a guy to give you his watch, try and get five business cards (SIL managed to get two), do a bride cheer (that was embarrassing), order a drink in a foreign accent, etc etc.

Dared to leave lipstick on a guy - kiss on the check was appopriate. This was a random who actually gate crashed my hen's and had a great night with us (my photo)
Group photo - all the lovely ladies (my photo)
 A, my bridesmaid had organised a mini bus to transport us from the races into the city to Bungalow 8 where we were having dinner. That was so cool and such a great idea, I was extremely thankful as the weather was still being a pain, raining on and off.

Dinner and food at Bungalow 8 (my photo)
After having a yummy burger and prawn dumplings at bungalow 8, aswell as a few more drinks, we wandered off to Retro before 9pm so we could get in for free and not pay the cover charge. It had stopped raining so it made for a rather nice walk.

At the retro - most of the bridal party (my photo)
We had to wait for an hour till the rest of the levels opened up but it was good fun dancing in our little space until we were able to go upstairs. The floors had changed since I was last there and we ended up on a hip hop/ pop music floor which was good to dance too. I started to feel under the weather due to the alcohol as it had been a rather long day, and I don't tend to drink much any more (rather not have the hangover the next day), so L, my MOH, had organised her partner to come and pick us up which was great as we got home safe and sound. All in all, it was a fantastic day and I'm very thankful for the girls organising it.


  1. The extensions look so amazing! Love the hair do. It really does look like it was a fantastic, fun day. :)

  2. Oh wow! What lovely extensions, they look really natural and the updo is gorgeous! The Hen's looks like it was great fun too! Counting down the days now!

  3. Ohh, your photos made me laugh, you girls looked like you had a ball! Great idea too, if I were able to (bad timing for racing season) I would have also had a race day.

    Your hair looked great too! Love the colouring xx

  4. Your extensions look awesome!! and I love the colour, its really looking good!
    Looks like you had a fabulous time at your hens party! Not long to go now... !

  5. The extensions looked great and I looveee that dress on you! Did you do the call an ex dare? that made me cringe hahaha.