Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Wedding Count down - Less than two weeks!

Wow we are now just under two weeks left to go till the wedding, or 11 days and are surprisingly stress free which is fantastic. We had our hens and bucks on the weekend and had a great time. Now its just pretty much tidying up the loose ends and finishing work. FH went on annual leave on Friday and I'm so jealous. I've got four shifts left at work and finish on Sunday, a week before the wedding exactly.

The count down (my photo)

On updating things:

We had our final photography appointment last week and it went really well. We arranged to have photos in the botanic gardens, spots in the rocks ( we are going to do a hour long walk around to capture all the cool nooks and cranny's that the rocks has to offer. And then the bridal party will head to the reception while FH, the photographer and I scoot to Martin place to have a quick shot taken with one of the fantastic metal doors there. So cool!

I've got an appointment with Jess, our wedding decorator this Thursday to go through all the decorations that I've made and how the tables are to be set up. And what the ceremony pedestal flowers will look like as we are having two pedestals at the front of the aisle. They will probably be a white type of flowers but definitely no lilies as I'm allergic to them and they make me feel extremely nauseous which I don't really want on the day.

We've also pretty much finalised the ceremony, so all I have to do now is email our celebrant with the a ok and send her a list of the ceremony songs which I must get onto this week, as it keeps getting put off.

Our dancing lessons are coming along better. I'm actually remembering the routine which is great. I tried dancing in my hoop last time and it worked really well, which I was happy about. It actually made it feel like it was for real which was great.

I've booked in my spray tan for next week and have pretty much worked out that I'm going to go for a see through pink shellac on acrylic nails so that I don't break them before the wedding and have had them before and they look really nice. I trialled a hair style at my hen's which looked great so will show some photos of that soon. 

I also found two nice perfumes yesterday, just have to choose which one to use on the day - Beyonce's Heat Rush and Katy Perry's perfume. So i'm quite happy with them. The beyonce doesn't stay on very long but it came with a body lotion which will keep the scent present for longer

So everything is coming along nicely. I've almost finished my DIY things, only a couple of easy things to finish and I need to wrap the bridesmaids boxes soon. 

So that is my catch up and how we are travelling. I'm not stressed at all which is nice. But I did get worried last night when we finally came into the fortnight weather forecast and its going to be warm and cloudy but with showers later on in the day. So fingers crossed its not to bad and the showers hold off.


  1. Oh this is all exciting. You seem to have been so organised the whole time. I hope this next fortnight goes smoothly. I have 37 days and a whoollle lot to do

  2. WOW ALMOST ALL DONE! must be so exciting for you. I know exactly what metal door you are talking about, my friend got some amazing photos with it.

    Post on your hens soon... i hope?