Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wedding guest book ... initially DIY, now not so sure ..

I was originally going to DIY my guest book and had purchased the black book from Kikki K and started making it on night shifts. But then I left it for a couple of weeks and decided that it wasn't really what I wanted our guest book to be.

Black book from Kikki K (my photo)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Ribbon Wands (and Straw Flags) ... Confetti Alternative Part Two

Continuing on with the rant of not being able to have confetti at the ceremony and this mainly being rectified by blowing bubbles instead. I saw on Polka Dot Bride, a how to tutorial to make these cute little Straw Flags

Straw Flags - Credit to Polka Dot Bride
But on purchasing my awesum black and white striped straws from a USA seller on eBay called HeyYoyo. I figured they weren't really going to work for the ceremony as they are more to use for your drinks or such. I thought I could modify them and use them as flags to wave but they didn't really work when I mocked one up. The cat loved chewing on it though, at least someone got some joy out of it, haha...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wedding dress update ... it has arrived!!!

So with passing the six month mark, everything seems to be happening. I thought I'd give Bridal Vision a call, where I had brought my dress from to see whether it had arrived yet. And apparently it had been sitting there for a couple of weeks, so the lady informed me. And she also said that I'd made a fitting time etc.. 

Carrie's Wedding dress from Sex and the City - Credit to Let's Talk Style

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wedding Count Down ... 6 month mark!

Well today is the 21st of April and it's officially 6 mths to go to our wedding today. My wedding count down has advised me that its 182 days to go.  Rather excited cause tomorrow it will be less than six months to go.. Haha crazy aye... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

About to leave NZ .. some tears

I'm sitting at Wellington Airport waiting for the international departures door to open so I can go in and start shopping up a storm at Duty Free. I'm in the market for a nice groom's watch, so I thought I'd have a look while I'm at it and see what I can find. I'm writing this as the little domestic Air New Zealand planes zoom by amongst the puddles with a balmy temperature of 13 degrees. It was raining when I got off the plane and it keeps spitting some out every now and then. Glad I'm inside I can say. I've had sunshine for all my other days while here, so I guess a little bit of rain won't melt me...

Credit to Wellington Airport

I've had a fantastic time here, back home but its good to know I'm leaving to come back to my other home in Sydney. I hung out with my little niece, Kate and nephew, Jack. I can't believe how much they have grown. I had a OMG moment when i arrived at Palmerston North airport and they were all waiting for me. Kate, is very much a girly girl which is great cause I spoiled her rotten buying little pink skirts and feather boas. And Jack pretty much hates going into the clothing shops as he prefers to be running around outside with his toys and teeny tiny motorbike on the farm. Rather gorgeous to see. Will post some photos when I get home as it's rather expensive to transfer photos from Drop box on your phone when you are global roaming and forgot to bring the USB cable. 

I found it wasn't too hard to leave this time as I knew that most of my family would be coming over to Sydney in October for the wedding, so it wasn't that bad. The only tears were when I walked out of the airport terminal in Palmerston North, leaving my grandma behind. She's great! I dragged her all around the shops looking for jewellery and mother of the bride clothes for her but we didn't really find anything, so I've told my sister to take her shopping in August and September when all the summer stuff comes back into the shops again, as all that there is at the moment is pretty much winter clothes in the stores here.

Any ways .. will post more when I get home with photos of my family and things we got up too.. It was great to catch up on everyone's posts while I'm waiting. Have missed reading them all as I've had no internet reception which was nice but also crap. Will be so happy when I get into my car and pick up my kitty cat and head home to my nice clean house in the apparently flooded Sydney suburbs. 

Hope you've all had a nice week xx

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going home .. back to NZ for 5 days!

Yay I finally get to write this post, it's close to 4am on Sunday morning and I'm about to drive to the international airport to get on a 7am flight to New Zealand. Check in time is 5am. Yuck! 

Credit to Southern

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wedding shoes .. where do u find them?

I have been given the horrible gift of not being able to wear pumps or the peep toe type of shoe as my foot makes that horrible pfft sound when it slips out of the shoe. I can never find one that fits my foot and when I do its painful as can be. So I have decided that strappy sandals will be my wedding shoe. Medium height and pretty is what I'm after as I have a bad habit of getting very sore feet very quickly as my drinking and dancing friends will agree....

I love this shoe but unfortunately the shoe style doesn't love my foot - credit to

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Update on Our Honeymoon... nearly completed

Well Kristi from Flight Centre and myself having been working on the honeymoon for the last couple of months and we have very nearly finished it. I'm just having a few problems with a few of the tours not being loaded yet and some accommodation in Naples that I'm waiting for prices for.

Credit to

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feathers, Fascinators and races ... making it my hobby!

On Easter Monday, a group of us headed to the Royal Randwick Racecourse to celebrate one of our friend's birthdays, actually it was L my MOH, so an extra special day for her :) I'd been creating mine and my sister in law's fascinator's for the day a few days before hand, and was rather limited due to the lack of supplies in Lincraft and Spotlight in the Shire. But I managed to create a couple of beauties that got us some great attention on the day. I had many a comment from the girls about turning my hobby into something more lucrative. 

The beginning of the creations (my photo)

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What if the little things don't work...

FH rang me up the other day after I sent him a link for some water bottle labels by Skype. He asked me a very important question which was pretty much along the lines of what if all the things you are doing for the wedding don't work. And will you get stressed about the little things and will it ruin your day....

I'd actually been thinking about this recently myself, am I doing to much. Am I making too many little knick naks for the wedding. Are people actually going to notice all the time and effort that I've spent on making these things... 

I reassured FH saying that it won't bother me if things don't work out and I'm going to give our ceremony and reception decorator the line of ... IF IT DOESN'T FIT, DON'T USE IT!  I know I've put my heart and soul and heaps of my time creating, researching and finding the perfect things for our wedding. And that it seems to be all that I'm doing mostly these days apart from working, having a social life and trying to get to the gym and get myself nice and fit and svelte for when FH comes home.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Perfect little wine boxes ...

I was originally looking for wicker baskets to display items for my ceremony in and had been scouring the internet for them and then found timber wine boxes which I immediately fell in love with but couldn't find any in Australia who didn't have horrendous postage price tag attached to them. 

Luckily I came across a seller on eBay called Anthonyw9514 who had some going for reasonable prices. I purchased the box included in the above link and a couple more and then emailed him asking if he was going to put any more boxes onto eBay, he said yes but I could come and look at other ones that he had. I called him and we arranged a time to pick up the ones that I had won on eBay and then I purchased some more boxes for $15 for each box. Was so happy because in real life the boxes were even more perfect than what I had imagined. Yay!