Saturday, January 05, 2013

I'm back .. well sort of ...

Wow, it has been a massive whirl wind with the wedding, honeymoon, christmas and getting back to work. 

2012 has been a rather extremely busy year with hubby being away, the wedding and all that went with it and its rather hard trying to find things to keep busy so you don't get the anti climax of post wedding blues. 

Yes they do happen, and I've been trying to beat them away with all sorts of things that I've found, but I'm starting to run out of things and its probably good, as yesterday was one of the first days I could sit down, relax, and do some me things which consisted of having a massage and getting my nails done. 

We've been camping down in  Bateman's bay (something which I haven't done for years), out fishing on the boat (which resulted in a nasty sunburn and I'm sad to say that yes I actually have a real tan now), worked my butt off (eight days straight in a row over boxing day and new years - don't want to do that again), went to the first day of the sydney test match (which was a wonderful wedding present), given my electric mixer a beating (lots of edible xmas presents for friends) and all sorts of other things to keep my mind occupied. 

Camping in Batemans Bay

First day of the Sydney Test Match
The blog has taken a back seat and I'm sorry about that. But will do a wedding post eventually with all the neat photos and things that happened on the day. I made a blurb photo book which turned out fab for xmas pressies this year. And we are waiting for our video to come back. Hopefully we'll get it soon. 

I think this blog will turn into a cooking, house hunting, and general life blog from now on. So I hope you continue to read and share in my adventures of being married in 2013 and onwards....

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  1. Congratulations and welcome back! Sounds like you have been very busy. Will definitely continue reading!