Monday, September 17, 2012

Reception Music ... Mission Completed!!

We sent our reception music in last week and that was a slight mission in itself again. Luckily our DJ company Maestro Entertainment  who are included in our package from The Dockside Group had a list of songs that have been used in weddings that they have used in the past. 

The song list was all tick boxes which was nice. I left a copy of it at home for FH to have a look at and he decided on the background music and left me to choose all the dancing music which was awesum as we now have a selection of 80s, 90s and today's type of music, bring on the Pitt bull!! So we are going to be doing some grooving if we have some time. With the RSVP's, I added a section where they could suggest some of their favourite dancing songs and we got some good ones! The one I had the most laughs with was LMAFO - I'm sexy and I know it ... so that wil bring the movers and shakers to the floor. We selected about 20-30 songs for each section and James, from Maestro Entertainment adds the rest of the songs in that he thinks will work. We don't get to hear what he has come up with until the night, but the reviews through dockside are rave reviews, so I know that we are in good hands. 

But anyways, better get back on track to the important songs:

Bridal party entrance: 

One Republic - Good Life

Bride and Groom entrance:

Owl City and Carly Rae Jepson - Good Time

Cake cutting song: 

Avalanche City - Love, Love, Love

Bridal Dance Song: 

James Morrison - I won't let you go

Bouquet Toss Song:

Cindy Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Last Dance Song:

Cold Chisel - Khe San

Farewell Circle Songs:

Isreal Kamakawoile - Somewhere over the rainbow

Lifehouse - Hanging by a moment

So as you can see there is a bit of a variety of old and new songs which we both like. I think that the last two songs were the hardest to find as it was a bit hard to choose what you wanted to end the night on. The last dance song was easy. I've always loved what I call the Last train out of Sydney song, one of my favourite Coogee Bay Hotel songs when I was living in the nurse's residence up the Coogee Bay Road hill when I first came across to Sydney from NZ. 

And this is my above all beauty of a song which will be played at some stage during the night, and will get me wherever I am, waving my arms in the air and jumping up and down, in a wedding dress you ask... hell yes! The ultimate tribute to my favourite song .... 

Dave Dobbyn - Slice of Heaven



  1. I love Girls wanna have fun for the boquet toss! We want to create a "do not play" list as well, because there are some songs that make us cringe at weddings hahaha

    1. Haha yeah, our don't play list, is anything to techno, country and western and the chicken dance.

  2. Hi, I nominated you for a Liebster award...