Friday, March 08, 2013

Union Jack Madness!

I have decided that I am completely in love with the union jack furniture, and I'm wondering if you share the same opinion, as I'm thinking of upholstering some of my chairs and small tables with the union jack fabric. 

Tell me what you think:

Photo credit to Armchairs

I absolutely love the middle chair. So pretty. But I'm thinking of doing the bottom in a dark blue fabric and having the union jack on the top piece instead as I've found that its so hard to source the union jack fabric in Australia, let alone over the world. 

Photo credit to Click 4 Interiors

Do you think that it will be too dark, if I do the woodwork in black instead of white?

My other little potential project is creating something like this little table as shown below:

Photo credit to Lindaur designs
I've got a variety of small vintage side tables which will give it a vintage look, which I'm seriously looking forward to creating with a stencil and some paint from bunnings. Just have to strip the old varnish off them first. 

So tell me what you think. Would you buy something with the union jack on?


  1. I love that middle chair in the top photo. It's not something that I would buy purely because it doesn't fit with my house but my friend loves anything England and she would buy that in a heartbeat. It will look amazing. :)

  2. I love those chairs, they are stunning! The middle one is my favourite and I am sure someone will buy it! Good luck :)