Thursday, August 08, 2013

Needs ideas.....

Hello to those out there. I'm sorry its been a while between posts.

We've had some exciting times happening lately as we are expecting our first child in January, so I'm currently 18wks pregnant and we've got a scan next week to find out whether its a boy or girl.

Anyways back on topic, hubby and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary in October. My original plan was to book a room at the park Hyatt in sydney where we spent our wedding night, but have found out its going to cost us over a grand just for the room.

Can anyone suggest somewhere special in sydney or around, bearing in mind that I'll be reasonably pregnant by then and not drinking. I've thought maybe hunter valley, blue mountains, a romantic picnic, who knows, but would love your opinions and ideas....


  1. I can't really suggest anything being on the other side of the country, but I had to comment just to say congratulations!! :)

  2. Have missed you! Congratulations!!!!!!!! I can't believe you are already expecting, how exciting!

    For your anniversary, definitely do something special since this will be your only time celebrating your anniversary with just the two of you.

    Manly could still be nice, otherwise I like to recommend the southern regions, Kangaroo Valley, Gerringong, Berry they have beach, vineyards and loads of fresh produce around there and it wouldn't be that expensive surely.

    Update us with your choice!Congrats again.

  3. Sorry I missed this post!! Big congratulations!
    Hope all is well and you found somewhere nice for your anniversary!