Friday, April 26, 2013

My First Sale!

I finally put my creativeness that I cultivated during the wedding planning to good use. I don't know if any of you remember but I created my own bubble bottles for the ceremony. While I was cleaning up the other day, I came across the leftovers and went hmm I wonder if I can make these for other people. 

One of our wonderful wedding photos

So I pulled off the wrappers and put them on eBay with a message in the description saying that I could make them in different colours if anyone was interested. I purchased some different coloured ribbon and other charms and created some different ones. 

So this morning I had an email from eBay asking if I could make 60 of them and have them to the buyer in the next week or so. So I said yes, attempted to match a ribbon to the swatch of fabric that she sent me by photo, and created 60 bubble bottles today, ready to post to her on Monday. So I'm quite proud of myself. My first sale, and hopefully many more to come. If you have any friends that are getting married or want bubble bottles yourself, type in Wedding Bubble Bottles in an eBay search and my listings should come up. Feel free to look :)

Watermelon red bubble bottles with little gold bird charm (my photo)

And in other fun things... It was Anzac Day yesterday, so because the husband is in the defence, we did the dawn service at Kingsgrove RSL and then headed out to a hotel in the city where he had a work function on. It was a great day and made me so proud seeing him with his medals on and all his friends around him, who have done many a good thing for this country to help make it safe. And for those who have fallen before, Lest we forget!

The Husband and I on the train (my photo)

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