Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Reception ... Confirmation time!

Yesterday we headed into Circular Quay to attend our check list confirmation meeting. I had a 10 or so page check list which I had to complete by Thursday last week for Dockside - the venue management. By the end of it, it was a 14 page document full of all the info that was going to make our reception run smoothly. As soon as I emailed it, and got the confirmation from Sasha, our wedding executive that it was good to go and that she was looking forward to meeting us, I immediately relaxed and felt some weight come off my shoulders. It was a full on document I can tell you.

So circular quay wasn't looking so spectacular yesterday as it was turning into a bit of a cold and grey evening with a slight chilly breeze, but the set of buildings where our reception was going to be held, was looking great as always, biased much. Hell yes, haha.

About to walk along the front of the restaurants (my photo)
The front of the restaurants (my photo)
We got there and took a seat at the bar waiting for Sasha to come down to us and ordered a glass of wine or what I thought was going to be wine. The restaurant didn't have any moscato and I was after a sweet glass of wine. I ended up paying $21 for a glass of red for FH and a glass of limoncello, boy was I ripped off as I couldn't even drink mine. Rather disappointed but ah well.

The bar where we were waiting (my photo)
Sasha came down and we moved into the lounge area where we sat for half an hour and discussed the check list  No major things really to change, she just checked out our timings to make sure everything was going to work. And went through the things that I was going to drop off to them on the 17th October, which is our final drop off appointment. We headed up to the rooms and I felt a sense of excitement then, my first in the last couple of months, as it was all coming together and going to look fantastic. The big windows looked amazing as you look out over the opera house and we discussed photo ops while we were there, decided where the wishing tree was going to sit, where the cake table would hang out, and whether we needed a bigger table for the gift table with the wishing well and signature frame to sit on.

When the appointment was over, I was so happy, bouncing around and couldn't stop smiling. This was a big improvement for me as I hadn't been this happy about the wedding for so long, and I can't wait for the day now. It's going to be so much fun!!! Seeing as the appointment finished early and our videographer's appointment had been pushed back to 7.30 pm that night, we had a quick dinner at Pancakes at the Rocks. Fish n chips for me and a steak for FH. Wish we had more time though as I would of devoured some yummy pancakes, instead I brought a bottle to take home and make on a Saturday morning when we are both at home. 

Fish n Chips (my photo)

The Outside of Pancakes on the Rocks (my photo)
As we were leaving Pancakes which is just opposite our reception, I looked back and thought I'd take a photo of the street. Love the atmosphere, just wish the lights hadn't blown out so much. 

The other side of the restaurants, so pretty (my photo)
We had to drive under the Harbour bridge and turn around to come back to the turn off which would take us home, and FH happened to look up and saw that the NRL had commissioned images to be projected on the pillars of the Harbour bridge. Shocking photo as it was taken out the window of the car when we were stopped at traffic lights. I'm surprised that it actually worked :)

Funky images projected on the harbour bridge pillars (my photo)

We got home with time to spare before Matt, from Matt Porter Videography and Jenny, our Wedding planner arrived for a last minute meeting. We discussed what Matt wanted for the day and adjusted the times on the run sheet according to what images he would need to capture. It was a great appointment, most of it was spent talking about day to day lives instead of going for half an hour or an hour, it went for two hours! Haha random. But the most amazing thing for me to come out of it was, that he had actually shot and finished a video for one of the girls that I worked with, as I'd mentioned him to her, and he was like thanks for the referral and for the mention on my blog. So cool. He also said that he can't wait for the day as it was going to be a neat day due to all the planning and being so organised.  I was a bit gobsmacked and very happy. So cool!

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