Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wedding Accessories ... The Garter and Clutch Bag....

First of all I apologise for the lack of posts, I lost the motivation to blog there for a week or so, thanks to night shifts. They really suck the life out of you. I'm so not a four night shift in a row girl, and its the first time I've done four nights in a row in a long time. Usually I split my nights and do two and then two a week later, but was last to the night request roster this time and lucked out. So here is my long needed post. I finally bit the bullet as its getting close to being under five weeks and decided to order my garter and buy a clutch bag. 

My MOH and I went to see The Sapphires at Hurstville Cinemas and while I was there we had a look in the handbag stores and found a nice silver clutch from Direct Shoe Warehouse. She suggested that I get a silver one so I could use it again and it really won't be seen much on the actual day, just to hold my survival kit of perfume, band aids, mints, panadol, phone, etc.  So here's my little clutch. It cost $59.95 and you can purchase them at any Westfield. It's got just enough bling on it in the form of little diamantes along the top metal bit and is rather pretty.

Silver Clutch Bag from Direct Shoe Warehouse (my photo)

The inside section has a silver chain which I can hang from my shoulder if I need to. There is plenty of room inside for putting my bits and pieces and the clasp is quite easy to open. That's a big thing for me ... if i'm going to struggle to open it, I won't buy it, as it frustrates the crap out of me trying to open something that won't open!

The inside (my photo)
The back is quite simple and pretty. No need for excessive bling for me :) Just pretty silver satin.

The back (my photo)
While I was on nights, I did some scrolling through the many listings of garters. In the end I typed in blue and white garter and was able to narrow down some of the options. I figured this was a good way to add in my 'something blue'. I purchased one from a seller called estelleastonestelle. The link will take you to the exact garter page. She was able to make it to the size of my leg and posted it the day after I ordered it, which I was very impressed with. I decided not to spend much money on it as it is just a novelty really and we won't be doing a garter throw. It cost me $13.99 which I was very impressed with. It arrived a couple of days ago and it is rather nice and perfect for the price. I could of spent $50 on one and got something absolutely awesum, but this is going to do the job perfectly. She has many more pretty garters listed for different prices.

The bag it came in (my photo)
My $13.99 garter, pretty cute (my photo)
So those are my recent purchases. I've been making heaps of DIY things which I've half created posts for, so will finish those posts and show you them soon.  And we've been organising follow up appointments for all sorts of things and are going to be pretty busy for the next five weeks. Can't believe that's all that there is left to go!


  1. I do night duty myself and totally understand how you feel. Your blog is always an interesting read :) Good choices with your accessories. The date is getting closer and closer!

  2. Hi Little black sheep!
    Oh, reading your post brings back all these memories of me planning my wedding. I don't envy you but looks like you are doing a great job! Good luck with the upcoming wedding. Getting very close :)

  3. wow i will also buy this clutch for my marriage. really its look awesome. wedding clutch bags