Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Wishing Tree and DIY Tree tags ..

We decided to have a wishing tree after having a meeting with our MC as he recommended it to be a good fun entertainment section of the reception. The guests would write short wishes/messages on the tags and hang them on the wishing tree and the MC would grab them during the night and read them out.

Photo Credit to Squidoo

So once we decided that this would be a good idea, I started to do some research on the internet to find a wishing tree that both FH and I like. I came across a site called Creative By Name who specialise in MDF letters and signs and they could provide us with a wishing tree in 3 weeks and it would be painted as well.

Tree with Owl - Credit to Creative by Name
I have linked the above photo to the exact page of the tree that I purchased. We decided to go with the 60cm tree so we would get more height to hang the tags on. It cost $45 and postage was on top of that. Can't remember how much postage was, but I don't think that it was too much more. I ordered the tree and it arrived a couple of days ago and I love it!

It is so perfect for what we want and it fits in with the decor of our apartment as well, so we can use it as a decoration after the wedding. Every time I walk into the study and see it, it just makes me smile as it's so pretty :).

Our wishing tree (my photo)

So then I had to work out what type of labels we were going to have for the guests to write short messages on them. I came up with a template in Microsoft Publisher, where I have created most of templates for all our wedding related things, which makes it so much easier to repeat or adapt different things. I've decided on a white card with a black border, with a black backing and a hole punched hole with some thin black ribbon through the hole to hang on the tree. See my process below for making the cards:

The sheet of 12 small rectangles in my trusty paper slicer (my photo)
Some of the white bordered card waiting for the black card to be applied (my photo)
I then attached black card to the back of them purchased from Eckersley's with double sided tape. Hole punched the end and threaded thin black ribbon through the hole for the card to hang off the tree.

Sticking the white card to the black back and all my trusty craft items (my photo)
The tree tags hole punched, waiting for the ribbon to be tied on (my photo)
Inserting the ribbon through the hole (my photo)

Finished Tree Tag (my photo)

And the what the finished tree and tags will look like at the reception .. well hopefully if the guest like the idea of writing little messages throughout the night.

The finished tree with tree tags (my photo)

Tree tag on tree (my photo)


  1. looks great! AHHH wedding season is making me wish I was getting married THIS year! haha xx

    1. Thanks heaps, yeah, I can't wait as well. It's been a long time coming and I'm thankful that it is finally nearly here, so I can have some time off work, marry my man and have a fantastic holiday :)