Friday, September 21, 2012

Wedding Count Down ... 1 month to go!

Wow, we have offically reached the one month mark, or four weeks or 29 days which ever you prefer. I didn't actually realise that it would come to this point so fast. I keep having minor little nervous freak outs when I look at our checklists or need to complete something, in the form of nerves but that's only about actually having the day coming up, nothing about not wanting to get married. So I apologise in advance, this post is still a bit list and word heavy.

One month to go (my photo)

We have accomplished quite a bit in the last month, in between the sporting events, weddings that we have attended and other things. I quite enjoyed going to our friends weddings as they gave me an idea of how the day is actually going to run, and it made me grateful that we have organised an MC and a wedding planner for the day to get things running on time. 

We started dancing lessons the other night and that was rather interesting as for some reason I'm rather stiff and can't relax. And we are learning from a very skinny girl, who makes me feel like a rather uncoordinated oompaloompa which is rather frustating as she is so perfect. FH and I have had no formal dancing experience in the past. He's taking to it like a duck on water and I'm having to practice, practice at home by myself so I can remember the routine much to Bella (our cat's dislike) as she likes to come up and bite me on the heels or calf while I'm trying to remember the steps. 

Our final payments are starting to become due, which is good and not so good. We have had a wedding account the whole time and its rather sad to see the amount dwindling but great to know that we won't have any more bills due. Hot tip: when doing your reception budget, don't forget to add in your service meals, so you don't get a semi fright when the final bill comes in. Ours is not to bad, its just an extra $350 on top of what it was going to be, so not horrendous and definitely still within the budget. 

I'm still plugging through my DIY stuff which is good. Just making the Order of Ceremony's at the moment which has the ceremony info in and then a map of how to get from the ceremony site to our reception with some drink and food stops on the way. Quite simple but I'm very happy with the way they have turned out. Will do a post about them when I've finished them. 

Here's my list for my DIY things left to do:

Ceremony to make's:

Help yourself frame for ceremony table for water, fans, order of programs
                Black frame with white card and black border, black font

Have been cutting down what I want at the ceremony to have for the guests, so have just decided to go with the bubble bottles, water bottles, order of ceremony's and ribbon wands. So that way the guests can choose between blowing bubbles or waving a ribbon wand. And the order of ceremony can be used as a fan if its too hot. 

Line timber st Andrews boxes with something for order of ceremonys and bubble bottles.
Large jar for ribbon wands with black ribbon tied around it

Reception to make’s

Guest names:
Big Photo frames for names of people at tables with two black and white photos of us in them
Names to be in black bordered card, ten to a table, nice font
Heading of place name in large black font – use rough typewriter font

Bathroom baskets –
Collect things for kits (bandaids, panadol, quik ease, mints etc)
Make sign using black photo frame with quirky phrase
Basket with black ribbon tied around it
                Nice baskets from shop down the road

Guest Book:
Signature Frame
Frame for guest book table with info on what to do with it
Square vase with fake red flowers in it.

We have decided to have a signature frame instead of a guest book that way it can be hung on a wall when we get a home. Have found a nice photo, one that was taken at one of the weddings we went to, so will get that blown up bigger and head down to the local frame store and get them to make one up for us. 

Invitation to make’s
Wedding pack info for those who rsvp – map, after wedding lunch bbq info, Sydney things to do (to be posted 1-2mths before wedding day).

Currently working on this at the moment, just have to put the right info into the right envelope i.e for those coming to the BBQ or not from Sydney. 

Complete clutch boxes and put paper shreds and jewellery box inside. Tie with thick black ribbon.
Wrap in solid colour paper
Make small card with thank you inside.

Survival kit for bride in car
Need to purchase items, like bandaids, panadol, small sewing kit, perfume, lipstick etc

Message Telegram tree
Find tree for messages to hang on
Make business card sized cards with hole and twine/ribbon for guests to write message on and hang on tree.
Frame saying write a message to the happy couple to be read out during the night
Pens for table.

Have pretty much finished this, just have to make the frame up when I pick some more up from the Reject Shop

Questionnaire couple quiz
Make up a quick quiz for each table for the guests to interact with
Make goody bags from the $2 shop for the winning table.  i.e  1st, 2nd, 3rd

So that makes that list look a whole lot better, over the next few days it will become shorter as I've got a few days off and can work on some of the things. 

So our major things to do at the moment are: 

Wedding To Do List

Burn Song List to CD for Celebrant
Confirm ceremony detailing with Jess
Finalise Ceremony draft
Organise Rehearsal
Do rehearsal 20th October

Finish form supplied by Videographer for video songs – Havana Brown: You’ll be mine for dance section
Attend Videography meeting 25th September
Attend Photography meeting 2 October
 Give list to Jenny of things for ceremony and reception
Attend Dockside three week appointment – 25th September 
Attend Jess decorator appointment – 11th October
Attend drop off appointment – 17th October
Make personalised Menu cards for bridal party now that choices are made
 Buy disposable cameras for guest tables.

Post wedding BBQ
Send out info packs

Bridesmaids and Bride
Buy bride lingerie and perfume
Get L’s dress taken up at alterations
Get rest of dress hangers for girls
Dancing lessons

Bills to pay
Pay photographer
Pay videographer
Pay make up artist
Pay flower supplier
Pay decorator

So its not actually looking to horrendous which is rather nice, most things are quite easy to do and the rest are just appointments to attend which will no doubt have other tasks attached to them, like the ones before have, haha. 

And my To Buy List is almost non existent which is fantastic!

Wedding to buy list

Ceremony things
Bubble blower machine for celebrant to use and then for photos as well. Battrey powered. 
Buy extra batterys and solution for photographer to have on hand

Bride items to buy
Purchase Lingerie for bride 

Sorted Just on lay-by at the moment

Katy Perry perfume – purr or meow

Reception items to buy
Purchase signature frame
Buy items for bathroom boxes
Small square vase for guest book table
Pens for signature frame and wishing tree tags

So that's pretty much all that I have to do now, and cross my fingers that it doesn't rain on the day. My sister received her bridesmaids dress in NZ and it fits perfectly, she just has to get the hem taken up on it. My grandma is still looking for an outfit, I told her to recycle something from the weddings she has worn in the past, so she doesn't end up spending so much money. All their accommodation and flights are booked and paid for and my grandma is currently having a hissy fit as I won't tell her how much they cost. I don't really want her having to pay for them as its just nice to have them be able to fly over and be with me on the day. 


  1. ahhhh it's so soon! Your grandma seems like mine and many others that don't want a fuss made about them :P xx

  2. Eeee! How exciting! I'm sure everything will come together beautifully. The lists will be a big help and feeling of achievement as you cross things off. :)

    1. Thank you, yeah i've knocked a few things off over the last couple of days and its quite therapeutic. Feeling much more relaxed now

  3. Yah how exciting! This year is just flying by its going to be christmas before too long! Try not to stress and just take each task day by day, delegate if you can to others hehe! Good luck and I am sure that it will all come together beautifully on the day!

    1. Yep it is flying, its cruised since I posted this, only 25 days to go now, crazy!