Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Bubble Bottles ... Confetti Alternative Part One

I love Confetti and always imagined that if I ever did get married that we would have rose petals thrown to celebrate our marriage. But because we have chosen the Rose garden in the Botanic Gardens we aren't allowed to have rose petals as they pose a risk of disease to the roses already there and fake ones will be too hard to clean up....

Credit to Wedding Bomboniere

So I thought blowing bubbles would be fun instead. I love the look of the above photo. Very cool. And its what helped me to make my decision that bubbles would be cool. And also possibly hiring or buying a bubble machine which the celebrant could use when we walk down the aisle. And it would look great in photos too.

So after some extensive searching on eBay I decided that bubble bottles would be the way to go for now and because we are just over 7mths out, I decided that the liquid wouldn't evaporate too much between now and then, and if it does, i can just buy some extra bottles to top them up with. I actually found some plain bottles which I really liked on eBay at the shop down the road much cheaper than what I would of purchased them for on eBay. It's called Jester's accessories shop or something like that. It's Jesters Costume Shop in Caringbah's off shoot store. 

Bubble bottles in box (my photo)

Now the big debate is how do I decorate them... I originally wanted a little sign on them with our apple tree motif but on playing with it in photo shop it didn't really turn out all right.

Plain bubble bottle (my photo)
 So i just decided to go with the simple label saying Bubble Confetti - blow us some bubbles when we walk down the aisle as husband and wife. Apparently you have to specify when you want them blown so you don't get random bubbles floating through the air at odd times :)

Bubble bottle labels (my photo)

With the label, still looks a bit plain though (my photo)
 So the bottle above does look good, but by itself it looks a little drab. I've stuck the label on with sellotape so it's given the bottle and paper a glossy look which I think is quite nice. I printed the labels on a silver pearly coloured sheet of paper that I brought at Eckersley's in Taren Point. It didn't print as dark as I wanted but it still looks ok.

My next step was to find something to put around the top section. I had some ribbon left over from my favour tags and liked the look of the ribbon in my idea photo that I put at the top of the post. So I tied some lengths of ribbon around the top of it. And then scoured Spotlight and Eckersley's to try and find a silver charm or something that I could put around the neck of the bottle and came up with these on eBay instead from a seller called Chirpy Chipmunk in Melbourne.

Made with love Charm - credit to Chirpy Chipmunk

They finally arrived in the mail. Have been waiting a week now and its frustrating cause I wanted to finish them pretty quickly as they are pretty easy to do and it's another tick in the box when they are done.

The charms finally arrived (my photo)
So after playing around with tying some ribbon to the charm and attaching it to the bottle and nearly sticking my fingers together with the hot glue gun. I came up with this process: 

  • Tie a piece of thin ribbon through the hole of the charm and create a bow. Trim the edges of the bow so they are even. Melt the ends of the ribbon with a lighter to prevent fraying. 
Charm with bow attached (my photo)

  • Cut a small piece of ribbon and glue a small blob where you want to secure the ribbon at. Wrap the ribbon around and cut the length so it meets the starting point. Secure with more glue. 

Thin strip of ribbon glued around neck of bottle (my photo)

  • Then attach the charm with ribbon to the glue point on the neck of the bubble bottle as shown in the photo below. 
Bubble bottle with charm and ribbon (my photo)

And taa daa you have my home made bubble confetti. Well decorated bubble bottles any ways. All you need to complete these fun little bottles is :

  • Clear plastic bubble bottles or whatever style you prefer
  • A computer program and printer to create your labels
  • Fancy paper or plain paper depending on your needs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sellotape to secure the label to the bottle
  • Ribbon to tie onto the bottle
  • A charm to create a perfect finish

All in a row (my photo)

Hope this inspires those who are unable to have confetti on their wedding day :)


  1. OHH they look great! Your are so good with this creative stuff, i'll need to call on you to help with my wedding :P

    1. Haha feel free too. I think im going to be a bit lost for things to do next year, as all this creating takes a bit of time.

  2. Beautiful :-) very fitting with your blog name as well!