Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lust have it ... March Box Review..

I subscribed to Lust Have It Beauty boxes after reading some of the girls reviews on other blogs that I follow who have received Bella box packages and after comparing Lust Have it and Bella box, I decided that Lust Have It would be more suited to me as I recognise and use more of the products that they sample on their site. I'm  quite non experienced when it comes to beauty. Shameful to admit but about two years ago was the first time I learnt how to apply eye liner. Hahah a bit of a novice when it comes to beauty products but I'm willing to learn, so thought that this may be a good way to start. And it would possibly improve my beauty, hair, skincare and health regime if I find something I like. 

Lust Have It box (my photo)

So after paying my $14.95, about a week later I was sent an email saying that there would be a parcel delivered to me soon. It was good as Australia Post also kept me updated with the parcel's whereabouts. I was very impressed with the tracking which was sent to me without requesting it. 

The pretty wrapping of my box.. the goodies await (my photo)

So my little box arrived from Lust Have It. I was slightly disappointed by the size of the box when I received it, originally thinking that it was going to be bigger and full of samples. Your minds expectations can often lead you astray.. hahah.  

And on opening it, I found all sorts of little goodies set out on a piece of card explaining what all the samples were and the price of them. Some said that they were full sized samples and other smaller samples which I thought was good. So you don't get stuck with something that you don't like in a huge bottle!

The card explaining all the goodies (my photo)

All the lovely samples (my photo)

 So my first sample was the Moisture Senses Argan Oil for your hair by Davroe. My hair was in need of a good wash so I figured I'd try it out. My hairdresser used to put Morrocan Oil in my hair when I went in for a blow dry till I told her to stop using it as it would make my hair quite greasy and limp. But I'm glad she did now because I can actually compare this product to that. 

Davroe Moisture Senses Argan Oil - 50mls/ $23.95 (my photo)

Just before blow drying my hair, I applied two drops as the bottle suggested. It's a clear colour which was supposed to smell like Jasmine I think, and it was alright sniffing the smell in the bottle but on coming onto the hand it was a bit more potent. Me and smells you will quickly become aware are in a love hate relationship. Some I cannot stand and it makes my face hurt, others aren't too bad. So this verged on the face hurting quality of smell but on rubbing it through my hair, the smell quickly dissipated. I blow dryed my hair and it was actually quite amazing the results. I get quite a few fly away hairs at the top of my head where it is a little bit broken and the new hairs are coming back at all different lengths but with using this product it helped to decrease the fly away hairs by about 75% which I was quite impressed with. 

Later that day I couldn't help running my hands through my hair as it was quite soft and sleek and it also stayed in the style that I had put it in which was nice. You couldn't feel the product in your hair unlike the Moroccan Oil. It actually looked like I'd walked out of the hair dressers, so I definitely give this Argan Oil by Davroe a definite thumbs up. I will be incorporating this into my hair routine to help care for hair. 

Karpati DITO nail Lacquer - 8ml/ $19.95

My next product was the Karpati DITO nail Lacquer which apparently offers a long lasting streak free formula. With 27 fast drying extra shiny colours. Well unfortunately my long lasting colour was black, and I don't do black fingernails or toenails, so hence didn't try that one out. Interesting bottle though....

Karpati DITO nail lacquer bottle (my photo)
But as a side note. If you don't subscribe to Lust Have It and would like to try this black nail polish I'd be happy to post it out to you so you can make the most of it. I only have one so I'll send it to the first person who pops their email in the comment box at the end of this post if any one is keen. I'll email you to get your address and then post it out in the mail to you. You'll also receive the next product with it as well ...

So the next sample to review was the Replenishing Moisture Cream from Kosmea which works to restore your skin's radiance and protect it against the signs of premature ageing. 

Replenishing Moisture cream from Kosmea - 50ml/ $49.95 (my photo)

This was nice in moisture quality when I applied it to my hand. The skin feels nice and moisturised without leaving a greasy layer. The scent of it is Rose Hip oil with a green tea extract. It is quite nice, but it is a smell that I cannot have on my skin for too long as it starts to annoy me. Nice product, just don't like rose hip oil extract...

1Skin Solutions lip balm in Vanilla - 5g/ $9.95 (my photo)

The next sample was the 1Skin Solutions lip balm in vanilla. This was quite nice. A cutely packaged lip balm.

Vanilla Lip balm (my photo)

When I tried it on, it had a sweet, kissable vanilla taste and smell. It was non greasy and my lips felt nice and moisturised. Will definitely be using this in the winter months when my lips tend to dry out. Top marks!

Eye shadow packaging - full size $29.95 (my photo)

My next sample by far my favourite as I'm starting to experiment more with eye shadows was the Pearl Crush Creasless Shadow from Mirenesse which helps you take your look from day to night with pure crushed natural minerals that blend seamlessly to create flawless eyes. Avaialbe  in 5 trio pallets. 

Back packaging (my photo)

I also like that the packaging gave you instructions on how to apply the eye shadow to create a smoky eye, which I will definitely be trying. And onto my cute little trio of colours. I will be trying them out on Easter Monday when I go to the Randwick Races...

Cute eye shadow colours (my photo)

Can't wait to try them out (my photo)

So over all I was rather impressed with my beauty box and will be looking forward to receiving the next one and reviewing it. 

Remember if you do want the black nail polish and moisturiser, just drop your email in the comment box and I'll contact you to get your address and then will post it out to you, so you can enjoy the samples for free!


  1. My hair dresser has recently changes over to the Davroe products.. She's never really been one for the Moroccan oil as she found it to be oily and weigh down the hair, similar to what you've mentioned...

    She has used the argan oil on my hair a few times and I've loved it.. I'm starting to use the shampoo and conditioner now and she also gave me a free spray in moisturizer to use.. I love love the smells of their products...

    The box this month looks pretty good..

    PS... I'll happily take those items off your hands if you like? my email is chickitajodes at :) THANKS!

    1. Yeah I was very impressed with the davroe oil, might have to look into their other products :). Will email you and post the items out to you very soon. Thanks heaps for reading my blog :)

  2. So glad you like my lip balm!! :)

    1. Your welcome. It's a rather nice product!

  3. I've never heard of this beauty box before - I only recently signed up for Bellabox so I will have to keep this one in mind. Looks like a great lot of samples though!

  4. I got red nail polish, I wish I got dark one as I already had similar shade.
    I agree, that hair oil is great! I also like that lip balm, at first it seemed to be quite generic but now I am addicted to it as it feels so nice on my lips!


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