Monday, March 05, 2012

DIY Pocket Fold Invitations ... Finished!!!

Last night I finished the last of my spare pocket folds and I now have a pile of addressed envelopes with our invites to the Australian guests sitting on my coffee table to post. There is another small pile beside it of the New Zealand guests but they need to wait till my New Zealand stamps arrive so I can put them on the RSVP cards.

Finished envelopes with invites inside (my photo)

This has taken a month to complete, but it is finally finished and I am ever so glad as it has been a mission!

Finished pocket folds waiting to be addressed (my photo)

Top tips that I have learnt:

  1. Buy the envelope before you create the invite. This way you don't have to find odd shaped envelopes to fit your invites.
  2. Get someone else to do your invites if you don't have time. I'm just lucky I've had the time to do them but it has been quite stressful and time consuming.
  3. Double, triple and even infinity spell check your invites. I didn't find a spelling mistake till I thought I'd actually finished them. This cost more money and time to redo the main invite part and almost wrecked the pocket fold at times but I managed to fix them with only throwing 2 pocket folds out.
  4. If sending them overseas and expecting RSVP cards back. Use the correct countries stamps to address the RSVP cards. I initially had put Australian stamps on my New Zealand RSVPs but then was kindly informed by the post shop staff that I needed NZ ones otherwise they wouldn't be able to come back. Drama!
  5. Don't use a white pen on black envelopes because it rubs off on the back of the other envelopes when you have them stacked together. I'm also a little bit worried that it may rub off on the journey to the guests.
  6. That you create some beautiful invites that have your heart and soul in them when you finally finish them and you feel quite protective of them when the lady at the post shop tries to shove them into a size thing that you know they won't fit into. Funny!
 These next photos below are of the finished pocket fold, I apologise now because this post is a bit bottom heavy with photos.

The invite front (my photo)  
On opening the invite with magnet to keep it closed (my photo)

Edited version of the pocket fold inside with insert cards (my photo)
Insert Pocket part of the invite (my photo)

The next lot of photos are of the invite inserts that we have included in our pocket fold. They include a RSVP instructions so people know what to do if they want to include a partner not on the RSVP card, a Wishing well card, a accommodation insert and a RSVP card which has the RSVP card on one side and our address on the other. I apologise for the dodgy photos on some of them, they are taken on my phone.

RSVP instruction card (my photo)

Wishing well card (my photo)

Accommodation insert (my photo)

Edited RSVP card (my photo)

So that is my finished pocket fold invites and the inserts that I have included. Now I'm off to the post shop to post the Australian guests invites and wait for the New Zealand stamps to arrive in the mail. Yippee!!!


  1. these are beautiful! i cant believe their handmade. i wish i was this creative! :)

    1. Thanks paige. I would like to say they are pretty easy, but that would be lying as they were pretty time consuming. If you have a simple invite its really easy to do and you don't need to be that creative. All you need is a template and an idea of what you like :)

  2. Wow you're so organised! Our wedding is in May and we're going to make the invitations tomorrow and get them out next week. Good work!

    1. Thanks sarayh. You are so lucky that you have someone to help you. Wish I did but because i am a perfectionist I decided to do it all myself. And the boy's away but he did his bit by getting his sides addresses which was extremely helpful, and saved me having to chase them all up myself. We've had to send them out early due to having quite a few overseas and interstate guests, so that way they can get cheap flights and accomodation. And also alot of my friends are on rosters which are about two to three months in advance. So i'd like them to be able to come, so hence sending them out early :)