Thursday, March 15, 2012

My second make up and hair trial ... final decision!

My second make up trial was with Amy Chan and I was very impressed. She was very efficient and good at what she did. Her make up on me was flawless and I loved the look of it. She turned up on time, and went through the pictures of hair and make up that I had selected and listened to my experience with the first make up artist. We were off to an Army Ball after she did my hair and make up so it was a great excuse to have it done and be nice and pretty for the evening.

See below for the photos of what she did for me:

I love the makeup, its flawless and I feel beautiful (my photo)

Makeup and veil without glitzy earrings (prior to getting ready for ball)

Hair with random sparkly clip and veil

So as you can probably tell I was very impressed with the make up but sadly disappointed with the hair as shown in the photos below:

Start of the hair mess (my photo)

The rest of the hair mess (my photo)
She said that the mess was probably caused by taking the veil and clip out, but if you check the photo with the veil in you can actually see the start of it there. The thing that rather annoyed me, was that I didn't see any of this before she left. FH pointed it out to me later when he was taking these photos for me. And I felt rather let down by this. So she practically sent me to the ball with less than perfect hair. And i did not want this to happen on my wedding day.

So this helped make the decision for me that I would book Mel Sundana for my hair as I was rather impressed with her hair styling and Amy Chan for her hair. See the photos below for comparisons so you sort of get the idea of what it will look like hopefully:

The hair by Mel Sundana

Make up by Amy Chan
So I think I have a rather good combination. I'm sure my ideas will change slightly on the big day but I'm sure it will be pretty much the same idea as what I've shown in the last two photos above. I've had to pay a little extra for them to do the hair and make up separately but I do think it is worth it in the end.

This last photo is a happy snap of FH and me taken before we left for the ball.... he always has to take them as my arms aren't long enough and I always end up chopping off one of our heads or they are to close up..

Happy snap before the ball (our photo)

I'm very happy with who I've picked for make up and hair now, and I'm sure I'll be very impressed on my wedding day with what they will be able to do with my bridesmaids as well. Have been following both Mel's and Amy's Facebook pages and love seeing the photos that come up on my news feed of the beautiful brides that they have styled. Such a good choice!!


  1. Sounds like you're all set :-) I do like the first hair style but agree it looks a bit messy. Second one is a good choice. Like how natural your makeup is too :-)

    1. Thanks Miss Directions. My mum, when i emailed her the photos of my first makeup trail said that my eye's were too dark so we went less dark with this one and it is a nice look. I still love dark eyes though. But ah well..

  2. Good choice hun! I agree the hair from your first trial looks a lot neater. Every lady will be better at either makeup or hair, there a few that you will be amazing at both.

    1. Thanks babybluez. Yeah I figure I got the best of both worlds, and two artists will make the process go quicker as well which is good. :)

  3. I love the sparkly clip I think its so beautiful and elegant !

    1. Thanks sophie, am in the process of trying to find one so any suggestions of great clip places would be fantastic!