Monday, March 12, 2012

Tidying up the laundry - making it more accessible

We are renovating the apartment that we are living in and about a year ago I think it was, I decided to start painting the laundry white and got into sorting it out. It's all nice and white now and I decided that we could benefit with a shelf above the washing machine and laundry sink. This helped clear out some of the mess. But now that I've started lite n easy and their boxes are quite big and we've still got paint cans and reno stuff being stored in the laundry, it's getting a wee bit cluttered in there again So I thought I better do some organising in the laundry to save me falling over stuff when I go in there. We are also planning to rework the laundry later on in this year or next year so this is just an interim plan for the time being.

Ecco Bookcase courtesy of Fantastic Furniture
I saw that Fantastic Furniture had a new bookcase/shelf thing being advertised on tv, so I checked out their website and thought that it would work in the kitchen rather well.  See the picture right for what it looks like on the website.

I went and had a look at in the store and it's quite a simple but modern shelf but i think that it will fit in well with the laundry as the sink is chrome and the shelf and other boxes are black, plus black and white go well together. 

And the putting it together process started. My fingers and hands are so not used this type of thing as I have very soft nurses hands, but they are now full of blisters and callus's as some of the screws pretty much didn't want to screw into the holes. But I got there. 

Ouchy nurse's hands (my photo)

This next lot of photos are of the laundry being cluttered and the process of making the shelves.

Original cluttered laundry

Towards the laundry window (my photo)

Cluttered cupboard and cubes (my photo)

The start of the building of the shelves (my photo)

It's 3.30pm and I have finished the bookcase and it looked rather good made, but problem was it didn't really look good in the laundry so after moving things around, I ended up breaking the white cupboard that we had in there and it had a massive sideways lean and shelves had broken inside. What a piece of crap that was! So I ended up going to fantastic furniture today and buying a smaller narrower cupboard which suits the laundry better and then put the shelves behind the door of the laundry which kind of conceals what we have on them. 

Otto narrow cupboard, replacing the big broken cupboard

So it's kind of helped tidy up the laundry but I'm also a bit apprehensive that I've just added more stuff in there. I'm still in the cleaning up stages at present, but it looks ok. Can't wait for it to be completely finished.

It's now 4.15pm and I've pretty much got it to where I want it. It looks so much more clean and streamlined. The shelves behind the laundry door hide the stuff that you don't want on display. And it's time for the finished photos I think. I'm still washing everything that was in the laundry cupboard so excuse the full laundry basket....

So much tidier (my photo)

The shelf - hidden behind the door (my photo)

Not happy with this, but can't help it (my photo)

The last photo is the only thing I'm not happy about as we don't have the extra side cupboard any more to hide the mops, ironing board and step ladder in any more, So I've piled it in the corner and shut the door on it. What I can't see, can't annoy me!

So it's 5.20pm and its been a big mish of a day. I finally have a reasonably tidy laundry, minus the linen from the cupboard as that is still being washed and refreshed, that will probably go into the late hours of this evening. But for me, I'm quite happy with what I've achieved today and I'm off to get a massage and a body scrub at my local Thai massage place. So sore but very proud of myself ......

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