Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Perfect Surprise .... on a very hot humid day

The lovely box filled with goodies (my photo)
Well it's a hot and humid day here in Caringbah today and i've got all the windows open but there is hardly a breeze.. sitting here in my coolest clothes possible and even thinking about putting an ice pack on my neck ... the indoor clock reads 28 degrees @ 5.30pm ... so hot!!!

I was in the bedroom making my bed and heard a hello, hello at the front door. Low and behold here stands a man with a big red box with a chiffon bow wrapped around it..... 

I opened up the card which read  'To show you how much I love you' ... from FH .. so sweet of him.

The long red box had a box of lindt chocolates and some beautiful red roses with some palm fronds in the back of it. So pretty. Have put some photos on below of what it looks like in the vase. Such a beautiful surprise to receive today. It certainly made me smile :)

It's 1 month today since I took him to the airport. It has been a little bit lonely but I've got Bella, our mad cat, keeping me company. Work to keep me busy and my friend's to keep me sane. Plus a wedding to plan and lots of DIY things to do, so its been good. Hope the next few months go by just as fast!

The beautiful Roses and yummy chocs (my photo)

So pretty.. i love red roses (my photo)

The card that came with the flowers (my photo)
And for a nice change, the heavens have finally opened and its raining ... yay the cool breeze is rather pleasant and I'll be sleeping tonight, not tossing and turning in the heat ...

Have a lovely evening everyone ...


  1. Oh what a darling your FH is! Lovely flowers those!

    1. Thank you, he is a very special and wonderful man :)

  2. that is so beautiful. you picked a winner!

  3. They are lovely! What a beautiful fiance you have :) Enjoy them!! xxx