Sunday, April 01, 2012

Perfect little wine boxes ...

I was originally looking for wicker baskets to display items for my ceremony in and had been scouring the internet for them and then found timber wine boxes which I immediately fell in love with but couldn't find any in Australia who didn't have horrendous postage price tag attached to them. 

Luckily I came across a seller on eBay called Anthonyw9514 who had some going for reasonable prices. I purchased the box included in the above link and a couple more and then emailed him asking if he was going to put any more boxes onto eBay, he said yes but I could come and look at other ones that he had. I called him and we arranged a time to pick up the ones that I had won on eBay and then I purchased some more boxes for $15 for each box. Was so happy because in real life the boxes were even more perfect than what I had imagined. Yay!

He's got some more of then advertises on eBay if any one is living in Sydney and can pick them up. I thoroughly recommend them as they are all in beautiful condition. He even suggested care tips for them as shown below:

"Very happy they are what you wanted. I use white vinegar diluted with a little water to clean them and clove oil diluted in warm water helps protect them from mould. As far as oiling them is concerned,if you want to you can use linseed oil or any other furniture/wood oil and can add a stain if you like. You could add the clove oil to the linseed oil too I suppose but give the oil a week or so to soak in properly.Cheers."

I thought this was very sweet of him and can't wait to decorate them similar to what I did for the bridesmaid's jewellery gift boxes. So glad to mark these off my list of things to find. Yay!


  1. Oh gorgeous! I was thinking you might put shreds as lining for some reason. Making it a real rustic box. But what you did with the bridesmaids' boxes were gorgeous too! I have so many shreds left from our wedding favors...if you decide you need some. Don't buy them! I'll give you ours! :)

    1. hey there, yeah was thinking i might use shreds aswell but then was wondering would they blow away if it was windy when everything was lifted out. Hmmm i really don't know what to line them with. Would be great to try your shreds if you are still offering them :) That would be awesum!