Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going home .. back to NZ for 5 days!

Yay I finally get to write this post, it's close to 4am on Sunday morning and I'm about to drive to the international airport to get on a 7am flight to New Zealand. Check in time is 5am. Yuck! 

Credit to Southern

I put Bella, my little monster cat into the cattery - Kerrie's Cattery in Kurnell yesterday, hoping Bella is fine there as we are currently scouting for a cattery to house her for the honeymoon. The cattery is gorgeous and Kerrie is absolutely beautiful. Only a few little caves for them and they are full of toys. Classical music playing, apparently it calms them down, and a great big pen to play in. I shed a few tears as I was leaving, I know that's kinda sad, but with only a few hours sleep after night shift and FH being away it gets very quiet at home. Kerrie said that it was very common as well with people and attachments to their fur baby's, and she was very used to it. How embarrassing, haha. I spent the rest of the evening cleaning without creature feature chasing me and causing havoc, and packing my bags, so I could come back to a nice clean house.

My new carry on bag from Strandbags. Big enough to fit my laptop (my photo)

I'm heading to Auckland first where I will meet my Dad quickly at the Domestic Airport where I catch my connecting flight to Palmerston North. I plan to give him some nice cuff links which I had purchased off cuff but unfortunately they didn't turn up on Friday so had to head up to Miranda yesterday to purchase some more. Luckily I found some at Myer for $50. I've written in a blank card a little letter just thanking him for saying yes he will walk me down the aisle and whether he would mind doing a Father of the bride speech. And have a couple of nice pashmina's that FH sent me from overseas for S, my stepmother. I'm working on getting FH to send me some pashmina's that are more bridal ish in nature like pinks, blues, greys, blacks, whites, reds, so when I start selling fascinator's, I'll be able to offer pashmina's too. They are made by the locals in the area where FH is working overseas. And apparently he sent the boys to the markets yesterday and picked up a heap of them in some of the colours that I wanted. Yippee!!!

Dad's Cuff links (my photo)

Pashmina's in random colours picked by FH for my stepmother (my photo)

Then it's off to Palmerston North where I will stay with my Grandma who I love dearly. She's been there always when I've needed her and my plan was originally to have both her and dad walk me down the aisle, but she's not keen on that, saying that she'd rather do a reading instead. This was kinda frustrating as we weren't going to have a reading as I find that if I stand to long in one spot I have a tendency to faint, as shown multiple times on Anzac Day Dawn Parades since I met FH. So I spoke to FH and we both decided that a short reading would be ok. I've got a couple of nice pashmina's for her as well.

Different coloured pashmina's for grandma

And then if I'm lucky my sister will stay for a couple of nights as well with her kids, K and J. Absolutely adorable little kids. I've brought them some clothes as A, my sister, said that they had enough toys. So that makes it a little bit lighter to carry in my luggage. I'm hopefully going to go out to see A's farm as she works on a dairy farm and I haven't seen the new farm since she moved. I've picked up her a nice necklace from Lovisa as a present. Gotta spoil her some too.

Always good to have a bit of Bling (my photo)

All the presents (my photo)

And then I fly out of Palmerston North onto Wellington and then back to Sydney, where I pick up creature feature and then all normality is restored again, and back to work the next day. No rest for the wicked I can tell you. 

Thought I'd end this post with some photos of the lovely bunch of tulips FH sent me for Easter and the beautiful evening at Kurnell after I'd dropped Bella off.

My lovely tulips from FH and the full seasons of Greys Anatomy and True Blood - gotta love my FH

Lights of Botany Bay and if you look over the top of the boat, It's the Sydney city skyline (my phone photo)

Botany Bay with a big tanker ship (my phone photo)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend xx


  1. The view from my reception :) Have a lovely trip xx

    1. Yes it is the view from your reception, very pretty with the twinkly lights. Thanks, it was a good trip, great to go home :)