Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wedding Count Down ... 6 month mark!

Well today is the 21st of April and it's officially 6 mths to go to our wedding today. My wedding count down has advised me that its 182 days to go.  Rather excited cause tomorrow it will be less than six months to go.. Haha crazy aye... 

We have acheived a lot of things since December 2010 when we got engaged and have pretty much organised the wedding which is great, mainly because we knew that FH was going to be away for the majority of it.

The only big things left to do consist of and more but can't remember at the moment:
  • Buying the rings
  • Waiting for the wedding dress to be made - should be may/ june
  • Waiting for the bridesmaids dresses to be made - should be may/ june as well
  • The groom and groomsmen's attire - will be done when FH comes home
  • Writing the vows
  • Sorting out the music for the reception
  • Sorting out the music for the ceremony
  • Meeting with the new MC and deciding what we want to do
  • Meeting and talking with all the suppliers closer to the time
  • Finding bridal accessories and lingerie
  • Table plans - yuck!
  • Toning the tuck shop lady arms - very important!
  • And may more little things 

Just lots of little DIY things for me to do which  include and more:
  • Painting and decorating the wishing well
  • Place cards and menus
  • Decorating water bottles with our monogrammed label
  • Making the table names
  • Bathroom baskets
  • Guest seating plan
  • Guest book
  • And many more little things but I don't want to bore you with the details...
So I think we are pretty on track which is great. I think I've pretty much found my wedding ring. Showed it to my Grandma when I was back in New Zealand and she liked it. So you can expect more posts on the progress of the planning and the count down of the wedding. I'm getting rather excited today and not stressed at all which is great as I know that I've got everything under control at the moment. We are receiving RSVPs back every now and then each week which is good. Being entered into my spreadsheet so we can keep track of the numbers, dietary requirements, favourite songs and whether they will be attending the BBQ the day after.

So how are you all going with your wedding plans... and how many months to go ... 


  1. Ohh that is just so exciting!! I love how organised you are with having lists for it all. I bet it is the best feeling knowing it is all coming together.

    There is still about 16months til I get married (October next year), but even now the closer it gets, it feels more exciting. My wedding plans is back to research for now since it's so far out, I have three of the main things sorted so I am happy for now. Can't wait to read all your upcoming wedding posts. :)

    1. Yeah it is a great feeling knowing that it is all under control. Certainly involves no stress! I enjoyed the stage where you are at now, researching, finding what we liked and then booking it. Rather satisfying as you tick things off the big important list. I think my hardest thing was booking something and then trying not to change my mind but it hardly happened which was good and I love what we've come up with :) But it is very good to book things early as then you don't have to worry about them anymore once they're done. Yay!

  2. Wow, I really love how organised you are with your lists, we are very similar! It must be so exciting to tick things of the list as you get them done! We are getting some of our pre-RSVP cards back, so I can relate to updating the spreadsheet with guests its lots of fun!

    Can't wait to read more of your wedding planning :)

    1. Thanks, it makes it so much easier with lists. I've got a wedding planner which I've created on a excel spreadsheet with budget, addresses, songs, rsvps and its really quite handy. And another two lists which I cross off as I go for buying things and making things. So its quite satisfying when you put a line through them. :)

  3. WOW that is sooo exciting hun and you have been very very on top of it all! I can't wait to see how it all unfolds... xx

    1. Thank you, I can't wait either. Hoping all my things work out in the end :)