Friday, April 13, 2012

Wedding shoes .. where do u find them?

I have been given the horrible gift of not being able to wear pumps or the peep toe type of shoe as my foot makes that horrible pfft sound when it slips out of the shoe. I can never find one that fits my foot and when I do its painful as can be. So I have decided that strappy sandals will be my wedding shoe. Medium height and pretty is what I'm after as I have a bad habit of getting very sore feet very quickly as my drinking and dancing friends will agree....

I love this shoe but unfortunately the shoe style doesn't love my foot - credit to

So my dilemma is where do you find medium height strappy sandals as all the shops online have massive heels or are pumps and peep toes? I've checked out Novo and all the other shoes shops in Miranda Westfield but coming into winter now I'm getting a bit stuck for choice. I don't want to spend a fortune on them, I think my budget would be $150 max. Can anyone suggest any online stores or shops in Sydney?

I saw on one of the blogs that I follow Aquarian woman, a link to as she was on a wedding shoe search as well. I have been checking out their site regularly for shoes, as it is now getting very close to being under that six month mark (21st April). I figure I better get my but into gear and start looking for shoes so when I get the phone call that my dress has been finished I can take them with me to my fitting.

I was originally looking for something in red or blue as red is part of our theme and blue for something blue, but i think I'll settle for something in black or silver (which are also in our theme colours) and I can definitely wear them again.

So these are my favourite shoes on so far. The only problem I have is that I'm a size 8 - 9 and a lot of the really pretty shoes are only in the smaller sizes. But I continue to scour the site regularly hoping that the most beautiful shoes pops up.

Dyeables Oceana Sandal

Very simple but pretty. I like the diamantes on the buckle. It comes in black or silver. I could very easily dress it up with a shoe clip. Comes in black , white or silver. Heel height is 3 1/2 inch.

Dyeables Natalie Sandal

This shoe is my usual going out shoe in the warmer months but with different toe straps and bling. If you look in my wardrobe there is varying types of the same shoe in there. It is pretty, simple and likeable. It comes in black, chocolate and white. The heel height is 3 inches.

Coloriffics Seinna Sandal

Very pretty but I'm wondering if it is too simple and the heel too small. It comes in beige and silver colours. It could be used as a reception dancing shoe if the larger heel size gets too much for me though. Heel height is not stated but I'm sure it is under 3 inches.
Colourful Creations Candace Sandal

I like the look of this shoe. I don't think it comes in any other colour though so I would have to stick with the colour above. I'm open to the idea of applying a sparkly shoe clip to the band across the toes. Heel height is 3 1/4 inch.
Dyeables Courtney Sandal

I love the elegance of this shoe. It looks beautiful in silver. The bling on the strap is just enough.  The heel height is 3 inches.
Dyeables Passion Sandal

I love the look of this shoe. Heel height is about 3 1/4 inch. Only problem is that I'm wondering if the diamantes will rub on my skin and the bow will catch on the back of my dress.

So I know I've entertained the idea of shoe clips and I am thinking that it would be a good way of making a simple shoe rather pretty. So I've searched for a few ideas on the Deseo website that does shoes and accessories that I like the look of, as shown below:

Darling Diamond Silver Shoe Clips

I like the look of these. Rather simple, square and have a vintage look about them. Retail for $60.50. I'm wondering if the pointy top bits will dig into my feet.

Eva by Audrey

Simple and rectangular. I don't think there will be any foot diggage due to the shape.  Retail for $24.99. Much more affordable.

Katie Blue Shoe Clips

 Cute and could be used as my something blue. I think it would definitely have to be a white sandal with these though or do you think they would work with a black sandal. Retail for $24.99


Another idea for something blue. Retails at $34.99, Maybe a little bit tacky or clunky.


Quite cute and vintage. I like the round shape of them. A little bit similar to the shoe clip in my ultimate shoe post. Retails for $39.93. 


This is rather beautiful as well. Not as detailed as the above shoe clip but nice and simple and very pretty. Retails for $44.95

So that's pretty much what I've come up with at the moment. I am going towards the idea of a ceremony and photo shoe and then a comfortable reception shoe. And with the cheaper prices on it does make them very affordable. Ranging between $40 and $90 with $10 international postage. I did buy a pair of shoes off the site a couple of weeks ago just to see what they looked like. Didn't read the fine print and found out that they were made of crepe instead of satin so quite dull. But with a shoe clip I can brighten them up and they will be perfect for the races. 

So what do you think my fellow bloggers... any preferences or any recommendation's for other online shops or Sydney shops to visit?


  1. really nice blog .....awesome collection .we will wait for your upcoming post...

  2. Have you tried ? My friend got her wedding shoes from there and loved them. I think they were under $80, not sure what they have at the moment though. And maybe try or Style Tread?
    I hope you can find some you love!

    1. yeah i quite like williams shoes but they don't have anything that I really like online yet. Most of my shoes come from there, and I do like them. I actually tried on one of the touch up brands here in NZ at one of the bridal shops that I looked in and found that they were really comfy and that I can buy them for so much cheaper and put my own shoe bling on. I think they were selling them for $159 and I can get them for $80. Yay!

  3. I feel your pain! I had a look at wedding shoes collection at Myer and hated all of them! They were all outdated, tacky and over $250! I think comfort will be my No.1 priority. I find Witchery, Mimco and Zu shoes quite comfortable. Nine West can be ok too. Have a look at their range around mid-year sale, you might find something within your budget. I think Zu and Nine West will be the best bet for wedding style shoes.

    1. Thanks heaps for the suggestions. I will check them out. I'll go and have a look at myer when I get back to sydney. Thanks heaps for your advice though. :)