Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wedding guest book ... initially DIY, now not so sure ..

I was originally going to DIY my guest book and had purchased the black book from Kikki K and started making it on night shifts. But then I left it for a couple of weeks and decided that it wasn't really what I wanted our guest book to be.

Black book from Kikki K (my photo)
I originally thought I'd have a black book with a white comments part with red backing and a photo underneath, like what I've created in the photo below. I had some trouble trying to find a book the size I wanted so had to settle on something smaller, so I think that is the main problem about not liking the guest book that I've half created. Our theme colours are Black and white, with red and silver.
Questions parts and attach photo square DIY styles (my photo)

So I did some Etsy searching and came up with this wonderful sellers site....  Modern Shabby

Credit to Modern Shabby on Etsy

Now I don't know which guest book front cover style to choose. All the photos below are taken from Modern Shabby, credit goes to that site. Obviously the colours are all different. But I'm thinking a solid black or charcoal dupion silk cover with silver and white embellishments... Don't know whether I should include red at all

The Mariah
Very simple and effective. I would have Black dupion silk cover with white and silver ribbons
The Samantha
Very elegant and pretty. black dupion silk cover with white or cream flowers, maybe silver ribbon and white lace
The Lynsey
Simple and effective. No damask for me. Just a plain black dupion silk cover
The Lisa
I like the simple colours and its very effective in the blue and lime. I'm thinking black cover with white flowers and maybe silver and grey ribbons. Hmmm
The Kim
Very cute with black dupion silk and white lace and maybe silver ribbon
The Kelli
I love this one, its rather sweet and simple, and I do love the rhinestone bling on it. I'm thinking black dupion silk with white and silver ribbons. Do you think I should add a red at all into them? That's where I'm getting confused

Credit to Modern Shabby on Etsy
 I was just scrolling through Modern Shabby's one's on her Etsy site and came across this which is the above guest book but in my colours. And I think it looks pretty neat. For $50 bucks I think it may be a definite idea, just change the font of the name as that's a bit to scripted for my liking.

Credit to Modern Shabby on Etsy

Do you think I should add a red at all into them? That's where I'm getting confused, as it makes it very bright. I think I might just stay with the black, white and silver as that is more classic

The questions that I've come up with (my photo)

So that is my idea's so far for a guest book. I may even ask Modern shabby if she can put my little questions part in herself, at an extra cost I know but it would save me the hassle of doing it myself. But then it is fun to do my DIY things.

Which one do you prefer?


  1. I love the first and the last ones. The first one just looks so classy and I think the last one looks fantastic with the pop of red and is a bit more 'fun' but still formal. Good luck!

  2. I like the first one in your colours.

  3. Ah I asked FH what he thought and he likes the last one, with the pop of red, who would of thought! Haha, not particularly my favourite but i'm sure i can work around it and change it a bit. :)