Thursday, April 12, 2012

Update on Our Honeymoon... nearly completed

Well Kristi from Flight Centre and myself having been working on the honeymoon for the last couple of months and we have very nearly finished it. I'm just having a few problems with a few of the tours not being loaded yet and some accommodation in Naples that I'm waiting for prices for.

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This is what it looks like so far:

LONDON: We have a couple of days here staying at a hotel in Westminster which I have been told is right in the middle of the main attractions which is great. We will catch up with some of our English friends for dinner hopefully and have a Hop on/hop off tour which goes around the Main attractions of London. Plan to see the Big Ben, London Eye, all the typical attractions. We also have a day tour to the Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and the Roman baths which takes ten hours I think. A great way to finish off London. We then catch the Euro star across to Paris.

Hop on/ Hop off London bus

Looking forward to Stonehenge

PARIS: We have about five days here I think. And have booked a tour to the Mont St Michel Abbey which is a 12hr day tour and will take up a day as shown in the photos below. We also have a tour to Reims to visit the Moet and Chandon Wine caves. So can't wait! This will be heaps of fun. We have lots of days in between the tours so we can explore Paris. Sitting in a cafe drinking coffee, or siting on some grass somewhere eating a fresh bread and cheese. So romantic! And we finish Paris off with a dinner at the Eiffel Tower, a cruise, and a show at Moulon Rouge. Can't wait!

Mont St Michel Abbey Tour

Moet and Chandon Champagne Tour

The one I'm really looking forward to

NICE: Nothing booked here apart from our accommodation. We plan to explore the place and maybe catch the train to Cannes and have a look around there. Another free day here were we can explore and enjoy ourselves.

MONACO: No tours booked here either, just our accommodation. FH was interested in visiting the casino, which could be a lovely evening. We have a free day here to explore, rest and catch up on sleep before heading to Milan.
MILAN: We haven't booked anything here apart from our accommodation. Flight centre didn't have any tours that we were interested in so I thought that we could wing it with the Lonely Planet Guide Book and maybe catch a train out to Turin or Lake Como as we have a couple of days here. I don't want to be shopping the whole time, want to be exploring and eating the good food.

VENICE:    Hopefully be able to have a gondola ride and romantic dinner here on the last night of us staying there.  As shown in the photo beside. Can't wait to take some pictures of the beautiful canals and experience the romance of the place. 

Photo of Explore Brochure Italy and France (my photo)

FLORENCE: We have a few days here to potter around and visit the surrounding country side. We have quite a few half day tours booked here for morning and afternoon which includes a visit and lunch to a Tuscan villa in the olive groves, A half day to Chianti which includes wine tastings and lunch in the Chianti region and a Half day trip to Pisa which I really want to see. We also have an hour of tasting appetisers and four wines tucked in there somewhere in a Florence store which will be fun.

Italian Wine... yay

Will be fun
Wine tasting and appetisers - yumm!

Olive groves and lunch. Heaven!

NAPLES: We then head down to Naples where we have booked a Pompeii and Amalfi Coast tour. This lets us see Pompeii and I get to see the Amalfi Coast which I see in so many romantic movies and I finally get to see it myself. Yippee.. so can't wait! I know it won't be the same doing it in a bus, compared to the convertible with its roof down and hair streaming along a beautiful blue coastline... hahah I can still dream..

Pompeii and Amalfi coast - going to be a good day

ROME:  Then after Naples we catch the train to Rome where we spend about four or five days exploring the amazing architecture and eating at pizza shops, drinking coffee and devouring gelato. Can't wait. I've booked this tour below - the Assisi tour for FH as he likes medieval things and I think it will be a great chance to go out and see more of the Roman Countryside. 

Medieval village tour for FH

BANGKOK: Then we fly out of Rome on Emirates to Dubai and then land in Bangkok where we are staying at the Banyan Tree Hotel. This place is amazing! I had dinner at one of their restaurants on the top floor which had 360 views of Bangkok and it was pretty spectacular. This was in 2007 I think. A long time ago but I also visited the tiger temple in Kanachaburi which FH would like to do as well, we also get to see the Bridge over the River Kwai and visit the POW cemetery. Great emotional places which are definitely worth a look. FH wants to pat some tigers which you get to do at the Tiger temple. I had one put its head in my lap, heavily sedated I think but dam it was worth the experience!

So that's pretty much our honeymoon. I'm waiting for accommodation to be loaded into the flight centre system for Naples and the tour in Rome and a few of the tours in Florence to be loaded as well. So its going to be a pretty spectacular 5 week holiday, which I can't wait for. Just over six months to go.. yippee!!

To my fellow bloggers ... Is there anything that you've experienced in these areas that you think I should add onto our list of things to do? Would love to hear from you with your recommendations


  1. SOUNDS LIKE AN AMAZZZINGGG TRIP! Venice and Florence are my favourite places.. I have done a similar wine tour to the one you are planning and I loved it. With Naples just be really careful, when I went through there on the way to Pompeii I was told many horror stories about the crime that goes on there, so best to book a hotel before you get there.

    I am MEGA MEGA jealous! xx

    1. Yay i'm glad you liked venice and florence, it's always good to get feedback on them. Yeah we will book a hotel before we get to Naples, just waiting for them to be loaded into the flight centre system as it will be towards the end of november. Did you like Pompeii?

  2. Your honeymoon plans sound amazing, so jealous! I love Paris and Rome! The Moulin Rouge Show is really incredible you guys are going to love it! Paris is one of the most romantic cities of the world, just be careful of the gypsies around the Eiffel Tower, they are quite forceful in trying to sell you stuff and watch your bags! :)
    Rome is beautiful, we were only there 3 days and it wasn't enough so 5 days should be good, so many things to see and explore! Ohh we went to Pompeii for half a day, it was amazing, we learnt so much I really really do want to go back, I really enjoyed it! I didn't do history at school, and after going through Europe I really wish I did, I ended up buying a few books to get some more information about each of the countries!

    Enjoy your honeymoon, you guys are going to have a holiday to remember!

    1. Thanks jessigirl, especially for the advice. It's great to get some tips. And its good to hear that you loved some of the places we are going, makes me glad that we've included them in our honeymoon.