Friday, May 04, 2012

3D Paper hearts DIY Project .. the start

So it's time to start my project for this month and its going to be 3D paper hearts. I saw them when i was looking for banners for the wedding ceremony a couple of  months ago. And thought that I would be able to make them easy enough.

3D Paper hearts from Etsy

I think they are absolutely gorgeous and would work in photos and as bunting and as possible reserved signs for the chairs. There was a wedding recently featured on polka dot bride with the hearts used as well. See the photos below for ideas.

Credit to Polka dot Bride

Credit to Polka dot Bride

Credit to Polka Dot Bride

I was luckily enough to stumble upon the photo below which is a link to making the Paper Hearts yourself. This is her blog of her other beautiful creations. So I hope you find the tutorial simple and easy to follow. I'll show you mine when I've made enough of them to create a banner.

Megity's Handmade Paper Hearts Tutorial

So Pretty!!!


  1. you are so crafty and doing so many awesome DIY creations! I can't wait to see how they all come together xx

    1. Thank you, there are a few more to come as well. Just waiting for the craft items required and decisions to be made so I can make them :) I can't wait for them to come together as well. Have just decided to go into overdrive with these and make enough that I can string them from the roof in the canapes and dancing room that we have beside the main eating room. I think it will give a lovely vintage fun feel for the room the guests first come into :) I think I'm up to fifty odd now, just have to find a box big enough to store them in.