Tuesday, May 29, 2012

General life happenings and Lust Have It Box - May

I received my Lust have it box a few weeks ago but haven't got round to updating it.And after finishing night shift this morning and finding the apartment downstairs bashing and banging with hammers, I figured that I wouldn't be getting any sleep just yet so I might as well start my review.  Lust have it and glossy box came together as one this month and I was quite impressed with the quality of the box. Last months box wasn't the best and I didn't review it as didn't think it was worth it. I actually ended up giving it to my friend who was travelling so she could use the items that were included in it.

All the info on May's goodies (my photo)

The pink bag that all the goodies came in (my photo)

So to start with,  this months samples came in a cute pink bag which will be perfect for putting my make up in as my make up bag is almost on its way out.

Model Co - Strip Tease Lip gloss - Avg $22.00 (my photo)

The Gloss application stick (my photo)

1. Model co lip gloss: in a peachy colour called Strip Tease. Came in a full size tube. Described by Lust Have It 'to be the coming seasons latest shades and textures to keep your lips luscious and on trend this winter'. Have just applied it to my lips and its nice and moisturising. Very glossy, achieving the desired effect . Comes with a cute little mirror on the tube which assists with out and about application..Tastes like sherbet. I quite like this sample.

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Perfume - 50mls/$80 (my photo)

2. Calvin Klein sheer beauty perfume: described "as a delightful fruity floral fragrance with top notes of peach Bellini, red berry and bergamont and middle notes of pink lily, jasmine, peony, dry musk, sandalwood and vanilla blossom" by Lust Have It. It came in the usual size for a perfume sample.

The perfume packaging (my photo)

It was indeed a nice perfume but when applied normally the smell didn't last very long on me. I wore it to work and it had disappeared about an hour in. When I applied a little bit more than usual the next day, I had to pull over while driving to work and rinse my wrists with a water bottle on the side of the road as it was giving me horrible hay fever. So crossed that one off my potential list for a new fragrance.  Nice smell. Just doesn't last long when applied normally. 

Evo the Therapist Calming Shampoo and Conditioner - 300ml/$29.95 (my photo)

3. Evo The Therapist Calming Shampoo and Evo The Therapist Calming Conditioner: came in two separate bottles of 80mls each. Smell very nice. Haven't used them on my hair yet but will be great for weekend travel, so will take them with me and try them on my next holiday when I head up to the gold coast for a wedding. The Shampoo is described by Lust Have It as a "cult salon product that gently cleanses, repairs and hydrates damaged dry or frissy hair. Contains hydrolysed wheat, argania and spinosa kernel oil", while the conditioner is "an intense moisturising conditioner with panthenol that hydrates and smooths while protecting hair from sun damage"

Both products sound right up my alley as I have reasonably colour damaged dry, frizzy hair which is indeed due for some moisturising. Maybe I'll be trying it out before my little holiday...

Bioderma Crealine H20 Make up remover sample (my photo)

4. Bioderma Crealine H20 Make Up Remover: Came in a cute little 20 ml sample bottle. All the information on the back of the bottle is in another language, French I think maybe - but I can work out - hypoallergenique and sans parfum (so basically good for sensitive skin and has no perfume, I'm assuming) Haven't tried it yet as haven't really worn any make up recently. But just applying it to my finger now while writing this, it has a watery consistency with no smell that I can detect. Mind you everything in that bag smells like the yummy lush soap that I'm yet to review. Lust Have It described it as "For even the most sensitive skin and eyes, maintains the skin's surface integrity whilst removing even the heaviest make up". Sounds good to me!

Lush Dirty Soap in its wrapping - 100gm/$6.95 (my photo)

The yummy smelling Dirty Soap - the spearmint smell is quite overpowering and lovely (my photo)

5. Lush Lust/Dirty Soap: It was a lucky dip as to which soap you got with this one and I had the Dirty Soap in my goodie bag which is described by Lust Have it as "will have you smelling deliciously of spearmint, sandalwood, pine and oakmoss". And I'm sure it will. It came in a small cube size as you can see. Perfect for a trial or a takeaway when you are holidaying for a short time. Haven't used it yet but it will go into my drawer of nice soaps that I have collected over the years for when my body wash runs out or when FH decides he needs a soap. Have a gorgeous body wash that I'm using at the moment which was given to me by my Grandma from the Innoxa range - its like a vanilla/coconut scent which sticks to your skin for a wee while afterwards which is lovely. Have included a photo so you can see it. Just gorgeous. Completely off topic I know.. haha.

My current favourite body wash (my photo)
Ah I think I've nearly gotten through these goodies. There were a few more than normal in the box this time which was a nice bonus. Onto the next one.

Nicole by OPI Ultimate trend setter's lacquer - 15mls/$14.95 (my photo)

6. Nicole by OPI Ultimate trend setter's lacquer - came in a 3.75ml bottle. Very cute size - purple coloured nail polish which sets glossy when dry. Yes I tried it on my big toe as I don't usually wear nail polish on my fingers as work won't let me due to infection risks. Cracked or worn nail polish captures bugs according to our infection control crazy lady. Oh well. Haha. I wear nail polish a lot on my toes, usually pinks and reds, so it's nice to try something different instead. I'm not the type of girl who changes it regularly either, usually when I remember or have to wear shoes with open toes, so give it a fresh coat of paint then. Bad yes I know. Back to the review - Lust Have It describe it as "from OPI's fashion forward sister brand, perfect polishes in the season's hot colours"
Nicole by OPI on my big toe (my photo)
It appeared to dry quickly which was good as my foot was getting cold being stuck outside of the duvet. Haha, yes I'm snuggled up in bed writing this now as it is the day after night shift (I finally fell asleep after all the banging stopped yesterday), and I'm having a lazy day today. Don't judge me, haha. Ignore my other toes, that's some well over due to be removed Maybelline Express nail polish which is my tried and true favourite.

And last but not least, the final product....

Caron Laboratories Bump eRaiser Medi Paste - 30ml/$16.75 (my photo)

7. Caron Labaratories Bump eRaiser Medi Paste: Described by Lust Have It as "a practical eseential for everyone's bathroom. Prevents and eliminates ingrown hairs and bumps with tea tree and triclosan". Interesting! Came in the above container - good size for sampling. Smells strongly of tea tree when I opened the lid - what you'd expect from an antiseptic infection removing agent. Haven't yet tried it, as touch wood, I haven't got an ingrown hair. On reading the instructions, it advises to apply once daily for a week or so for mild infections and for severe ones twice daily for the same amount of time. Yay! Haha.

And that is the wrap up of the Lust Have It May box ... Looking forward to receiving the June one soon :). Now onto the general happenings in my life....

Well I'm still on a high from getting my Wedding Dress.. I think that one is going to last for a wee while. I've been showing the girls at work as most of them won't be attending the wedding and have been rather interested in how the wedding has been coming along. They all love it and can't wait to see everything come together. Sorry still can't put photos on here just in case FH comes looking :)

It was my S, my SIL's birthday yesterday, so after waking up with only four hours sleep after night shift, I raced up to Miranda Westfield and visited the Pandora shop to pick some charms for her birthday. I got her a stack of books with an owl on them as she is currently studying a degree at the moment, and a cute little silver horseshoe to wish her luck with everything. Then popped down to Pearson's Florist and had a look at some flowers for her. I was asking about how much the vases costed which came with the flowers, and the girl suggested that I go down to the Reject shop and buy a cute cheap vase and bring it back up and they would put together some flowers for me. Which I thought was brilliant. So I came back with a little square vase and some green and blue twine and chose some sweet peas, miniature roses and cabbage roses which I can't remember the proper name for them. But they all looked beautiful together. See the photo below..

S's birthday present (my photo)

I was waiting for S and her friend to arrive, as we were going out to dinner at The Caringbah, (a local pub, just down the road) and then I hear knock, knock on my screen door and this massive bunch of flowers coming through the door. I'm like but it's your birthday not mine. She walks past this florist each day and couldn't choose what flowers to buy, so she combined two bouquets together and brought them to me along with a four hour photography tutorial voucher from Living Social. I was gob smacked!! It was a little joke between the two of us, as I cooked her dinner, got her a bottle of wine and some flowers a couple of weeks ago as she had some bad news, so when she was leaving last time.. it was deemed her time next time .. meaning cooking dinner, not the flowers haha. So I now have two beautiful bunches of flowers by the TV, I think I'm going to have to put one in my bedroom, as its blocking the remote control port haha, and a cute little on the bathroom, as my vases weren't big enough to hold them all together.
The massive bunch of flowers all together (my photo)

The two bunches by the TV (my phot0)

The cute little bunch in the bathroom (my photo)

So I'm extremely spoilt and very lucky to have people in my life like my SIL.


  1. ugh I feel ripped off by what I got in my box this month. That said, I was glossybox so I think we got alot of leftover stuff. I did get the dirty soap and i really like it

    1. Hi, thanks for checking out my blog. Yeah I don't know what comes in the glossybox ones so I can't really compare. But I was pretty happy with the soap and lip gloss, plus its fun to try out the other samples as you never know what you may find that you may like :). If I don't like any of them, I just give them out to my friends who don't mind getting freebies.. And for $15, its a little bonus every month haha, well that's my logic anyways ;)