Monday, May 21, 2012

Wedding Count Down ... 5 months to go

Today it is 5 months to go to our wedding. And tomorrow it will be 4 months and 30 days to go. Addicted to all things wedding planning, yes maybe, freaked out.. hell no! Was just going through my to do list, to make list and I'm getting on top of it. Lots of crossed out things so its getting less and less as time passes. This post is quite word and list heavy so I apologise, it's also a reminder for me which I can access on my phone when out and about.

The count down till the big day (my photo)
Big things to do:
  • Order wedding bands - have almost sorted mine, FH will order his when he gets home.
  • Suits - FH has paid a deposit on them - will have his fitting in September
  • Wedding Dress - fitting and pick up this Friday 25th May - so can't wait - will have it fitted closer to the time as well. 
  • Bridesmaids Dresses -Awaiting for them to be made and come into the shop should be July/August I think
  • Music - have almost decided the big ceremony songs, only need to find the recessional song now. 
  • Reception music - have no idea! But we have a bit more time to go for that
  • Seating plan - can wait till FH gets home
  • Food tasting - will happen when FH gets home - going to be yummy!!!
  • MC - meet with the new one in August and plan how its going to run.

Things to buy: - my list taken from my Word Document - its crazy, but more things are getting crossed out.. Yay!

Ceremony things
Finish purchasing parasols and fans of Ebay
x 5 black parasols
x 1 white parasols
Purchase silver steel ice bucket from bunnings for water for ceremony
Purchase bottles of water for ceremony
Big Frame for welcome to ceremony etc
Bubble blower machine for celebrant to use and then for photos as well. Battery powered. Buy extra battery's and solution for photographer to have on hand

Bride items to buy
Head piece accessory for hair (bride)
Purchase shoes for bride
Purchase drop earrings and necklace for bride
Purchase Lingerie for bride – wedding day and wedding night

Reception items to buy
Finish purchasing crystal scatters for tables from china
Purchase x 10 black frames for cake box signs
Purchase x 6 more acrylic frames for table numbers 
Purchase guest book

Things to make list is rather large but I'm working on it. I'm just glad FH is not around, cause everything is all over the lounge when I'm creating something. 

Ceremony to make:
Parasol labels
Order of service booklets:
         Names and love quote on front page
         2nd page ceremony info with people involved
         3rd page reading
         4th page map, drink and ice cream stops on way to reception

Water labels:
                Order from website
                Buy small bottles from Woolworths
                Remove labels and stick on new label

Water bottle holder:
                Silver containers from bunnings
                Fill with ice

Help yourself frame for ceremony table for water, fans, order of programs
                Black frame with white card and black border, black font

Line timber St Andrew's boxes with something for fans, order of ceremony's and bubble bottles.
Large jar for ribbon wands with black ribbon tied around it
Tie black ribbon around cote de roti box for parasols to be kept in
Paper heart banner for ceremony table and celebrant table.
Paper heart reserved for ... signs on the ceremony chairs

Kelly and Scott’s Wedding Poster for Easel in a big black frame
                Buy another frame from Randwick bi low for this
                Can be sticky taped to the glass or put under the glass

Reception to make

Table names:
Great Ocean Road – (Wreck Beach,12 Apostles), Opera Bar, Cockle Bay, Airlie Beach, Gatton, Nelson, Greys Point – Fishing, Dubbo – zoo, from acryclic magnetic photo frames.
White card with black border, story written in black font
Put a Story under special name of place to make it interesting for guests.

Menu lists - 
       White card with black underlay

Place Cards:
Small white card
Black writing with black border on white card with black backing

Cork mounts for place cards
       Medium sized ribbon tied around them
       Slice a hole through the top for place card to sit in

Guest names:
Big Photo frames for names of people at tables with two black and white photos of us in them
Names to be in black bordered card, ten to a table, nice font
Heading of place name in large black font

Cake boxes:
Frames with wording “please take a slice of cake home to enjoy tomorrow.” For cake boxes to go on tables when cake is sliced up and served.
Need 10 frames for the 10 tables. Writing to be in black with plus/minus black border

Jandal box:
Tie black ribbon around box like parasol box.
Line inside

Bathroom baskets –
Collect things for kits (bandaids, panadol, quik ease, mints etc)
Make sign using black photo frame with quirky phrase
Basket with black ribbon tied around it

Guest Book:
Buy guest book from Etsy Seller
Create guest book question parts on white card
Create Square for photo spot on page
Frame for guest book table with info on what to do with it and polaroid camera

Wishing well:
Paint wishing well black.
Put red ribbon around wishing well
Place fake red and black roses in base of wishing well with tissue paper
Frame with wishing well instructions inside
Black envelopes with plain white cards for those who need them.

Wooden letters:
Paint large wooden names black and red
Paint small names black and red.

Reception Sign:
      Similar to ceremony sign, just get Jess to change the sign inside frame

Invitation to make’s
      Wedding pack info for those who rsvp – map, parking, cd for photos, after 
      wedding lunch bbq info (to be posted 1-2mths before wedding day).

So that is my scary things list. Well it's not really scary but the more I ponder and sit and read over it, the slight amount of butterflies start stretching their wings in my stomach.


  1. I love the count down! How exciting!!
    And you list is fantastic too! Glad to know someone else has crazy long lists like I do. Hehe. Very organised. :)

    1. Haha thank you, Yeah I have a few other lists tucked away as well but didn't want to scare everyone with them.

  2. yay 5 mths to go, the next 5mths will go by so quick! You are so organised! I left everything to the last minute, I was even putting stuff together the night before.

    1. Oh I hope I'm not putting things together the night before. I'm trying to make it so everything is done and dusted about three weeks out. So have gone into DIY overload in the last couple of weeks. Thanks for the kind comments.

  3. I just bookmarked this for when I need to nut down on my lists hehehe

    1. Ah that's a big compliment, thank you. I thought nobody would bother reading this post as it was extremely word and list heavy, but it seems I have had a few readers. So thank you very much :)

  4. so exciting!! good luck with it :D