Monday, May 14, 2012

The Garter ... are you following with tradition?

A post on Garters on Polka Dot Bride today got me thinking about garters. I think we are going to do the wedding garter thing, It probably will be a bit of a laugh, and I have dodgy legs at the best of time hopefully not so bad with a fake tan. But thankfully my dress is quite large so FH can probably hide most of my leg. So I thought that I better start searching for my garter as there are so many to trawl through on Etsy.....

Credit to Ehow.Com

Where do you actually put the garter for the toss.. do you slide it down to your calf or keep it up on your thigh? Does your FH chuck it to the boys ... do they really want to catch the garter? Would you actually do a garter removal in front of all your family and friends or just leave it for afterwards in the hotel room. I remember when my sister got married she and her hubby removed it during the photo part of the wedding, in between the ceremony and the reception. There was no awkwardness, and it was rather cute. These are some questions that I am pondering on. So I've popped some photos of the garters that I like from Etsy below. All links below the photos go to the Etsy seller's website

Lucky Horseshoe Lace Garter
Pretty garter. I like the cute little horseshoe which is supposed to bring luck in tradition. Just wondering whether the ribbon will tickle my leg. Sells for 34.99 POUNDs. 

The Meredith Garter
This one is quite cute and feminine. I like the white of the fabric. Have been pretty anti pearl with my accessories. But I don't mind these pearls. Sells for $26.50 USD.

Paris Garter
Very cute. Nice diamante detail. Comes with a throwaway garter. Sells for $45.00 USD. 

The MIA Garter
Cute little lace rose. Beautiful diamante detail. Sells for $29.50 USD.

Love ivory garter
Cute and simple. I like the lack of detail. Just makes a beautiful simplistic garter. 

The Whitney Garter Set
I like the idea that this garter comes with its matching garter. That way you can keep one and surprise your FH later when you finally go back to the hotel :)

I still have no idea what I'm going to do. But I will purchase one and wear it, even if it does only end up being a surprise for FH back at the hotel. Will discuss with FH when he gets back from overseas and find out what he thinks about it, whether he would be comfortable doing a garter toss. 

What are you going to do on your day?


  1. As we are not having a formal reception, just a dinner, we won't be doing the garter toss, or not sure about the bouquet maybe when we leave but definitely not the garter toss, but I would still like to wear one, just to surprise FH. I like the idea of having two, that last picture you attached, is gorgeous! Love the idea where you do the throw with one, and then keep the other one for later :)

    1. Yeah, I posted on the vogue forums and its helped me to decide that we won't do the garter toss, just the bouquet toss. As it will probably be quite awkward for everyone. And i'll just wear a garter for good luck and to surprise FH later on. Had a quick discussion with him tonight and he was like whatever you want, and I said weird and awkward and he said sorted. So easy decision on that one, haha.

    2. hehe well thats good then that your FH was happy with whatever you wanted! Boys are so good when they are happy with whatever we want :)
      Not long to go now :)