Sunday, May 20, 2012

DIY Paper Heart Update.. completed!

Well, as you know I posted earlier about making DIY Paper hearts for the ceremony ... problem is my dream expanded and I've now made enough to string across the beams in the room where we are going to have canapés served for the guests and where the dancing will be ... bout 150 of the little buggers in total!!

My home made paper hearts (my photo)

Ooh I also got a new upgraded smart phone on the weekend so my phone photos will be a much greater quality from now on. So happy! Have included a photo of the dancing and canapé room so you can see where I will be having Jess from Angelic Events hopefully string them from the beams. I sent her an email last week and are waiting for her reply about them. I have already cleared it with the Sasha, the wedding executive of Dockside Weddings that is assigned to us and she thinks its a great idea. 
Opera Room with the large beams credit to Dockside Weddings
The room won't be set up like this for our wedding. The cake table will be in the main window by the long white table. The guest book table will be set up under the boat sculpture and the DJ will be seated in the corner where the chairs are. So I was thinking it would make it romantic vintage looking with the sandstone and the coloured hearts that I've made. Some of them have a wee bit of glitter incorporated into them which will make them sparkle when the lights come on for dancing later on in the night.

The other room, the Settlers Hall will be set up with fairy draping and a beautiful chandelier which will make it traditionally elegant, which will be a nice contrast. See a similar set up in the photo below...

Settler's Hall similar set up to what we want but with no chandelier - credit to Dockside Weddings

Settler's Hall with a similar chandelier and black sashes like we will have - credit to Dockside Weddings

And now onto seeing the hearts actually strung onto ribbon. This was the fun part, pulling them out of the box and hole punching them and stringing them onto ribbon.  I've worked out that ten hearts at about half a metre apart is good and doesn't get tangled to much. I am lucky to have a friend staying with me for a week and half and she likes crafts as well; so she has helped me out immensely with these paper hearts. What was going to take me ages has only taken me a couple of weeks which is fantastic!

Hearts in the box (my photo)
One of the hearts with ribbon threaded through (my photo)
Hearts attached to the ribbon (my photo)

I will also string five of them together for my bits and pieces table at the ceremony and also for the celebrant's table to incorporate them into the ceremony. So that has been my mission for the last couple of weeks. And now it is completed. Yay!!!

I love the below photo. All my hard work has paid off :)

Paper hearts all in a row (my photo)


  1. I've said it before and i'll say it again - Little miss creative! They look great!