Monday, May 07, 2012

Wedding shoes update .. White Satin Sandals

Well I finally bit the bullet and ordered some shoes off as my dress fitting is coming up on May 25th and I wanted to have something to take with me. I ordered them thursday last week.  The parcel arrived today which I was impressed with but I was a little bit disappointed as they'd sent me the Jodi Shoes box but it had a pair of white wedges inside which is what I definitely did not order. So phoned them and they said that they would replace them which is good. 

The best thing about is that if you aren't happy you can send them back within 30 days and they will send you a refund in 7-14 days of receiving the parcel back to them. I tried on the second pair which were just beautiful in a white satin but my big toe was sticking over the top of the front of it, which was slightly disappointing as well cause I set about measuring my feet with a tape measure to get the correct size. Oh well. Time to send these back too. 
The second pair were 3 inches in height which was higher than I usually wear but had a soft sole which was nice. So I think I will have two pairs of shoes. One for photos and the other for the reception for dancing in if I can't tolerate the first pair. See the photos below for the shoes that I had ordered. Have to wait till next week to order them again. But the first pair will be sent out to me again according to the site so hopefully that happens soon :) It's quite funny as well, cause I had decided that I wasn't going to be a white shoe girl, but seeing these beautiful shoes in white satin made me all excited for my wedding day as they are just beautiful!

The Courtney Shoe
This shoe is by Dyeables and was so pretty. The diamantes had just enough bling over the toe and the white satin was beautiful. I should of taken a toe shot so you would of seen what I meant by the tip of my big toe hanging over the edge. They were a size 8.5 but I think I need a 9 instead. The front of them is quite narrow but the rest of the foot fitted rather well. Three inches in height was nice but maybe just a tad to high for the whole day.

The Jodi Shoe
This one was supposed to arrive in the parcel as well but it had a different shoe in the box, so will just have to wait to see what its like when it arrives. I've ordered it in an 8.5 but because it has a square toe, my big toe may not hang out the side of it finger crossed. I saw this one in a bridal shop in NZ when I was at home and it looked divine but it was in a 7 so couldn't really try it on properly.

The Diane Shoe

And this shoe is my back up plan just in case the other two pairs of shoes don't work. It's lower in the heel and still has some nice bling on it.

So for someone who wasn't keen on white wedding shoes, I've absolutely fallen in love with them. How funny is that! The best thing about is that the shoes aren't horrendously expensive and you can send them back if you aren't happy with them which definitely saves me sending $150 upwards for a single pair of shoes when I can spend that on three pairs of shoes through the site, especially with their current discount of 20% on orders over $100.


  1. Only time you'd get to wear white satin shoes so go for it!

    1. Haha yes that was my thinking. And I can't seem to find brightly coloured shoes that look comfortable so I think white satin is the way to go :)

  2. I love those shoes! That is a really good heel height too. So weird they stuffed up the order, at least they are fixing it up for you.

    1. Yeah it is an ok heel height. I love the 3 inch ones but i think they are a little bit to high for me as i think I'm usually a 2 and half inch girl, not to high so I don't break an ankle. Yeah I'm so glad they are fixing it up. I got an email saying that they had posted them so soon so I can't wait to receive them.

  3. is the best! I've spent way too much money on that site and also got my wedding shoes off there. I only once had a problem with a pair of shoes - a cheap pair of espadrilles where one strap was way longer than the one on the other shoe so one of the shoes would not do up around my ankle - so I emailed them, they sent me a replacement pair and said since the shoes were cheap not to bother sending the original pair back, as it would cost them more to reimburse me in postage than the shoes were worth. My sister has tiny ankles so she got the original pair as both shoes did up on her.

    Best thing about dyeable satin (my wedding shoes are dyeable, too) means you can dye them after the event to a more useful colour - if you can bring yourself to do it!

    1. Haha yeah I can see it getting addictive due to the fast postage and great shoes on the site. That's great that they let you keep the other ones. Good for you sister anyways :)

      Yeah I was thinking about dyeing them afterwards, was tempted to do it now, but if it rains on my wedding day, the shoes aren't 100% waterproof apparently, so it could run into my dress and that would be a massive disaster! So i will wait till after the wedding and use them for summer nights out when there is no rain in sight :) after I've dyed them that is.. haha