Thursday, May 03, 2012

Suits for the groom and groomsmen

FH and I were chatting on Skype last night and it turns out that he had been doing some wedding research which rather impressed me. He had started looking for his suit and sent me a link to a suit that he rather liked. He had decided that he wanted to wear a shirt, vest and tie with the suit and his boys would just wear a suit, shirt and tie. 

Credit to
Apparently Spurling have a deal at the moment were you can hire a suit for $99, which was rather good, so FH contacted them from overseas and explained his situation about not being able to get fitted now but will do when he gets back and they were only too happy to help. We live close to Miranda so that is the store that he is dealing with. Apparently he can get the below suit for $160 and for the boys it will be $130 - $140 without the vest which is rather reasonable seeing as we'd budgeted $600 for FH and $200 each for the three boys. He said he will have money left over so I said to spend it on a new pair of shoes!!

The Lachlan Suit - Credit to Spurling

I think it's a rather smart suit and FH will look very classy and handsome in it. But when I showed one of the girls at work today they brought up the vital question. Will he blend in too much with my dress in photos etc.. with the white vest or should he have a different coloured vest like the one below. FH will have a white vest and white tie, and the boys will have white shirt and a black tie.

The Monaco - Credit to Spurling

Our theme is black and white, with a touch of red and silver. FH and the boys will all have small rose buttonholes like the one below for their suits. who are doing our bouquets and buttonholes as mentioned in this previous post, supplied me the photo when we were working out what to have for the boy's buttonholes and I just fell in love with it for the boys suits.

Love this photo

I did a google search and showed this photo to FH so he could see what I mean about the blending in as the shirt/tie/vest is similar to what he is thinking. Told him to imagine the dress being a bright white, the same as the shirt colour, instead of the ivory coloured as pictured below.

Credit to

FH understood what I meant and I felt really bad as I didn't want to say I don't like your suit choice, which isn't true cause I love the look of the suit, that would be like FH saying to me your wedding dress choice is crap! I'm just not sure of the colour blocking when he takes his suit coat off, if you get what I mean as both his shirt and my dress will be exactly the same colour. So I showed him a couple of different coloured vests, the same as the photos below and he agreed that it probably would be better to have a creme or ivory vest with a white tie instead of an bright white vest.

Spurling Breeze Ivory Vest

Spurling Spirit Ivory Vest

 So what do you think? Will the white vest blend in with my dress too much or will it be just right. Or is the ivory colour going to look better... 

 Look forward to hearing your opinions :)


  1. I am also considering putting a deposit down with Spurling. I had my eyes on the Monaco. Good luck with wedding planning! When's the big day?

    1. Very nice, FH put his deposit down last week and secured the suits on fire deal that they had going. So that's possibly saved us a wee bit of money. He's asked his boy's to go and have a fitting when they have time so that has worked out well. And they are going to go shoe looking which is good, so he is paying for their shoes which is fair enough as I've paid for nearly all the girls stuff, just asking them to bring their own pair of black heels or flat shoes which are comfortable :)
      The big day is 21st October 2012 :)