Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Disappointing... what an awkward situation

Well it's taken me a day to write this as I was quite baffled as what to do. I received an email yesterday from our MC that we had booked asking me to call him urgently. 

I did so and the conversation went like this... my friend has asked me to MC his wedding day and it happens to be the same day as yours and I was wondering if I could find you another MC to MC your wedding. The friend had apparently asked him to ask the bride to see whether I would let him go. I was kind of gob smacked and upset at the same time, as I didn't want to say no you can't MC your friends wedding but then again this man is a professional and we'd already paid a deposit.

I tried to keep the phone call as neutral as possible and not get upset or angry as the MC was a pretty nice guy. I said to him that FH was overseas and not getting back till August and that I didn't really want to find another MC without FH being able to meet him and that would leave us with 2 and half months to go to the wedding. He said that he could hear it in my voice and said forget that this conversation had occurred and that we would keep things the way they were. 

I put the phone down and emailed FH pretty much straight away as I was just lost on what to do. Part of me really wanted to keep the MC still but then I'm like if we do, he'll only probably put a half hearted attempt in and that may jeopardise the flow and fun of the wedding reception as he'll probably want to be at his friends wedding and resent me for this. 

FH said that he didn't like the awkward situation that the MC had put me in and said that we probably should start looking for another one as he agreed with me about the half hearted approach. 

I spent the rest of the evening searching the internet and looking at MC's that were all the same as the last time I looked for them and felt completely uninspired, at a loss and pretty much sick of wedding planning. It's amazing how one thing can put a damper on everything else. 

 I found one that we were uming and arrhing about originally and emailed him today - Salvatore Coco. He's promptly replied by email today saying that our date is available with him and to give him more details about our reception so he can form a quote for us. Hopefully he's well priced and this is a really simple fix to the situation.

We've had a pretty smooth run so far apart from a few minor speed bumps so this was a rather big let down. What would you do if you were in my situation?


  1. I'm pretty confident I'd do the same thing as you :)
    It would stress me out to think he'd only give a half-hearted effort, try to wrap things up early to go to another wedding or even 'call in sick' in the lead up to the big day.

    It's really unprofessional on his behalf and has put you in a compromised position, sorry to hear about it and I hope you find a new guy! X

    1. Yeah i got an email back from him today after sending him one saying that I had found someone else and he said that it was only a question that he asked. I'm like yeah but that put the seed of doubt in my mind. But we have found a new guy. Yippee!!

  2. Oh no! That's rather unprofessional. I know how that feels cause we were turned down by our first choice too...I hope you don't feel too upset about it, because I think these things happen for a reason and the MC you pick next will be perfect for your wedding. *Hugs*

    1. thanks for the kind words, both of you, this blog is a great way to vent!!