Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wedding Count Down ... 2 months to go!!

Wow, the last month has seemed to have flown and I think most of that is because FH is now home and I can get on with wedding related things that I needed to have his opinion on. So we now have two months, or eight and half weeks or 60 days, counting down much, haha.

Wedding Count down (my photo)
As you have seen by my previous posts, we have ticked off the reception menu, the bridesmaids dresses were picked up (and fit the girls really well, I have to send my sister's one home for her, and the alterations are only really going to be hems, but that can be done closer to the day). I've finished a few of my display boxes for the parasols and jandals and we are currently working on the run sheet with the wedding planner and MC. We worked out some fun entertainment in the way of a wishing tree where guests put their wishes on it and the MC reads them out on the night and a short questionnaire for each table and the winning table gets a goodie bag.

FH had his suit fitting at Spurling in Miranda and looked extremely smart in it and gave me a glimpse of what the boys are going to look like as well. I picked up my hair extensions and they are currently at Toni and Guy Hair Salon in Cronulla being coloured by Louise, my colourist.

We are working on the ceremony run sheet with vows and I need to find a really nice reading for my grandma to read out. Anyone have any ideas?

We have worked out our ceremony songs (will post about this later) and have picked a selection of ten songs as requested by the videographer for our wedding video. I've contacted our photographer and videographer and we will schedule an appointment with them in the next month. Just waiting on getting my work roster so I can find some time.

I've found a date for my Hen's party and we are going to the races for the beginning of it and then I'm not sure what is happening for the rest of it ... that's up to the girls, as I said I'm not having any more input in it, swapped their numbers with each other and are waiting to find out what my surprise is going to be :)

My to buy and to make lists are getting shorter which is very therapeutic. My wedding planner has said to make a list of things that she is to pick up and take to certain areas, I.e the ceremony or the reception which is good to have that taken care of. She is really stepping up and I'm very impressed with everything she has done so far.

Wedding To Make List

Ceremony to make things:

Order of service booklets:
Names and love quote on front page
2nd page ceremony info with people involved
3rd page reading
4th page map, drink and ice cream stops on way to reception

Help yourself frame for ceremony table for water, fans, order of programs
                Black frame with white card and black border, black font

Line timber St Andrew's boxes with something for fans, order of ceremony's and bubble bottles.

Large jar for ribbon wands with black ribbon tied around it

Reception to make things:

Place Cards:
Make each card as the guests rsvp

I've nearly got all the RSVP's back which is really handy, so the place cards are nearly finished.

Guest names:
Big Photo frames for names of people at tables with two black and white photos of us in them
Names to be in black bordered card, ten to a table, nice font
Heading of place name in large black font – use rough typewriter font

Bathroom baskets –
Collect things for kits (bandaids, quik ease, mints etc)
Make sign using black photo frame with quirky phrase
Basket with black ribbon tied around it
             Nice baskets from shop down the road

Guest Book:
Buy guest book from Etsy Seller
Create guest book question parts on white card
Create Square for photo spot on page
Frame for guest book table with info on what to do with it and polaroid camera
Square vase with fake red flowers in it 

I've contacted the Etsy Seller and are just waiting for pay day this week so I can start to design our guest book. She's been very helpful and can put our little questions part on each page with a spot for the polaroid photo which is great. 

Wooden letters:
Paint large wooden names black and red
Paint small names black and red.

Invitation to make things:
Wedding pack info for those who rsvp – map, parking, cd for photos, after wedding lunch BBQ info (to be posted 1-2mths before wedding day).

FH and I did a mission to Centennial Park to look for a BBQ spot and we found a really nice one where there is a kid's play ground, toilets and picnic tables which is going to be perfect for a Monday BBQ.

Complete clutch boxes and put paper shreds and jewellery box inside.
Wrap in solid colour paper. Tie with thick black ribbon
Make small card with thank you inside. 

Working on these. I've decided to buy them nice coat hangers with their names written in the metal from Etsy which are really cute. I've ordered one for my sister so are waiting for it to turn up to see whether I'll buy the rest of them. And I'm thinking of putting a nice scented candle in as well, I love pampering these girls as they are very special to me.

Survival kit for bride in car
Need to purchase items, like bandaids, panadol, small sewing kit, perfume, lipstick etc

Message Telegram tree
Find tree for messages to hang on
Make business card sized cards with hole and twine/ribbon for guests to write message on and hang on tree.
Frame saying write a message to the happy couple to be read out during the night
Pens for table.

I've ordered a wishing tree from a MDF company who will paint it white which will save me having to paint it, so just waiting for it to turn up, hopefully it will be in the next couple of weeks. 

Questionnaire couple quiz
Make up a quick quiz for each table for the guests to interact with
Make goody bags from the $2 shop for the winning table.  I.e  1st, 2nd, 3rd

Wedding To Buy List

Ceremony things
Bubble blower machine for celebrant to use and then for photos as well. Battery powered. Buy extra battery's and solution for photographer to have on hand

Bride items to buy
Purchase Lingerie for bride – wedding day – bra and underwear
-          wedding night – teddy and underwear
Pick up coloured hair extensions from Toni and Guy

Bridesmaid items to buy
Purchase name hangers from Etsy
Find a nice scented candle for each girl

Reception items to buy
Purchase guest book
Buy items for bathroom boxes
Small square vase for guest book table
Pens, photo stickers for guest book 
Find items for goodie bags for the questionnaire winners from the Reject Shop

I like that fact that the above list is getting smaller, definitely means that I'm not spending so much money on the wedding.  

So things are falling into place nicely. We need to catch up with our videographer, photographer and reception decorator over the next couple of months to finalise things with them. But apart from that I'm pretty happy with the progress. 

Beauty wise I'm attempting to wash and moisturise my face morning and night and are getting shellacs done every two weeks to try and strengthen and have nice shaped nails. I broke one of them a couple of days ago and have been trying to steristrip it so it doesn't rip any further as its rather painful and quite low. My hair is now at a very happy medium. The colour is perfect and FH likes the length especially when its curled. Only prob is my GHD and I are not happy campers when it comes to curling so I'll have to practice a bit more as we have a wedding to go to in Kingscliff this weekend and another in Melbourne next weekend, so will be posting about those as well for you. 


  1. 2 months? Eeek. How exciting for you! I love your lists and how organised you are. Looks like it is all coming together really nicely. :)

  2. How satisfying is it to be cutting through your 'to do' and 'to make' list! 2 months - will be thinking of you, it sounds like you have the whole thing covered! x

    1. Yeah it does feel like an acheivement. And I can look at it and go thank god that is finished haha.

  3. How exciting!! The next couple of months are going to flyyyyyy and you're going to be a wifey in know time!! I cant wait to see some wedding photos =D

    1. Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing the photos as well. I'm not usually really a photo person so am going to have to make an effort :)

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