Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An extremely crazy couple of days ...

On Sunday we had a bit of a roller coaster of a day and I'm sorry to admit that it's taken this long to get around to blog about it. So I apologise for this massive post. FH was running in the Sydney City to Surf so we were up around 6am to my body's utter dislike. Too many early mornings in the last few days and its starting to rebel against me with a head cold.

City to Surf start - Image credit to The Vine
On driving from Sydney south to Waterloo, FH realised that he had forgotten to bring his bib for the run and we were round by the airport so couldn't really get back home to pick it up without missing his 8.30am start time. So after a bit of frustration and silences, FH rang his sister, S, who was also supposed to be running but had injured her back during the week and wasn't able to run, and she said that he was able to borrow her bib to do the run. He wasn't very impressed with this but decided that it was better than nothing as he was supposed to be running in the blue group and she was in the yellow group, just under him.

We got to Waterloo and he caught the train with S's friend who was also doing the run and headed into the city for the 9am start time. S and I drove to Bondi Beach where the race finished and spent a good 45 minutes trying to find a car park around the area. We eventually found one halfway up the Bondi hill heading to the junction which we thought was pretty good.

She and I made it down to Bondi beach and people in the red, green and blue group were already finishing, it was about half nine by this time and we made it to the start line to hopefully see FH and her friend come in. I'll just add here now that FH, S and I were supposed to be going to our wedding menu tasting at 12pm in Circular Quay. Our plan was that we would drive to S's house, get changed into nice clothes and catch the train into Circular Quay. But....

We were starting to see the yellow bib people coming in and waited about half an hour watching till we were pretty much seeing all the yellow bib people with smatterings of the blue group, which meant FH and the friend should of come in now. So we headed to the meeting area and were fighting against the crowds, there were soooo many people around Bondi beach and it made it so hard to get anywhere. It was 10.30am at this time and I was starting to get worried. We managed to find FH at just before 11am and S was starting to worry as we couldn't find her friend and the menu tasting time was in an hour. FH had finished the race in an hour and 14 minutes, which I was very proud of him for. S gave FH her car keys and we attempted to make our way through the crowds along the beach, weaving in and out of people, in the end I just took my ballet flats off and we ran through the sand, me huffing and puffing (so unfit) and FH pretty much dragging me along.

Man, if any of you know how steep the hill out of Bondi up to Bondi Junction is, you will know how much pain I was in going up it. Trying to talk on the phone to the Wedding Executive, and to S to see if she had found her friend and having FH dragging me up the hill. All I could say was that I was thankful for the traffic lights as it gave me a chance to catch my breath. FH is going I'm surprised you haven't lost your marbles yet with stress, as the wedding menu had stressed me out slightly when we were deciding what to have. I was like, quite frankly, I don't really care!! We'll get there, when we get there... it's about 11.30 by now.

The wedding executive didn't mind if FH came in his city to surf clothes, which was a tee shirt, shorts and skins. I had a pair of jeans and a warm polar fleece on with an everyday scarf so was a little bit more decent. We got in the car and got down to circular quay with minutes to spare, FH ripped off his skins, removing multiples of leg hairs in the process and washed his face with a towel and bottle of water and we headed in to the tasting. Everyone was dressed to the nines and here we are, looking like a couple of beafrians. So at least we got there, FH's sister was in a cab with her friend as she had finally found him and was heading down to where the car was so her friend could take the car back to FH's sisters house and she could enjoy the tasting with us. Both FH and his sister were like I can't believe that you haven't lost it yet, I'm still like I really don't care, we're here now. I kinda figured that after the bib incident that morning that things weren't going to plan for the rest of the day.

So we had a lovely menu tasting. We'd specifically invited S so she could give us a third item on the menu for entrée, main and dessert as you only got to try one thing per person on the menu so that was a bit annoying as they charge us extra per person. The food was good and the dessert amazing. I ended up eating FH's and S's desserts for them as they aren't big sweet fans whereas I am. We also picked our wines - going with a Chardonnay and a Shiraz Cabernet. See the photos below for what we tried and one's we've picked will have chosen in the title.


Mezze plate - nice but I found the feta cheese rather strong - not chosen (my photo)
Morrocan Spiced Chicken - really nice and crunchy - chosen (my photo)
Corned Beef Cheek Terrine - the sauces were amazing with it, served cold - chosen (my photo)

Beef with Mushroom and a jus - nice but not exceptional - not chosen (my photo)
Roasted Lamb Rump with Rosemary and Marscapone Risotto - amazing, the risotto was flavoursome and the lamb so tender - chosen (my photo)
Chicken Breast with Polenta - yummy, not exceptional but a belly filler - chosen for the white meat (my photo)

Black Forest Gateau - this was amazing! So very much chosen (my photo)
Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Summer Berry Coulis and Almond Tuile - chosen as it was soo delicious (my photo)
White Chocolate Mousse - not chosen as it was way too dark chocolaty tasting even though it was supposed to be white chocolate (my photo)
 And this is where the unfortunate part comes in. We got back to S's place so FH could shower and change and I went down to my car to get his clothes to change into. I unlocked my car and then realised that the back side window of my little hatchback was missing. Some cretin had smashed the window and taken our bags off the back seat. I just lost it then, after all the stress of the day. I went back upstairs bawling and S sat me down and told me to call the police. 

My back side window - it had been taken out properly so wasn't just a random job, it had been worked out. Makes me wish that we'd taken my car as originally planned but ah well, hindsight is a grand thing.

The Police lady was extremely helpful and we detailed what had been taken which included FH's wallet, keys, phone, change of clothes and going out shoes. And my make up collection, going out clothes and a pair of shoes as we'd intended to get changed before the tasting. I'm just glad we didn't come home in between as the whole day would of be written off and we'd of missed out on attending the tasting. The cretin had left FH's hoodie on the side of the road and some innocent had hung it on the rail so we were very lucky to have gotten that back. S's friend and I walked around the block while FH cancelled all his cards, so I could clear my head and see if the cretin had dumped our bags somewhere nearby, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. 

Yesterday while FH replaced some of his cards, belt and wallet, I got my nails repainted with a colour called Princesses Rulz by Shellac in a nail store in Miranda which I'm very impressed with. They look so much better than the first attempt that I've had with them. Not so thick and blobby which is good. I've decided to try to get them done two weekly so I get nice and strong nails for the wedding.

Princesses Rulz - a light pink with glitter through them (my photo)
Neutral but nice enough for work (my photo)
We also had to replace the front door lock as the cretin had the house keys and FH's driver's license so had free range to the house, so luckily they hadn't paid us a visit.

Today Sparky, my car, had its new window put back in while I was at work. FH stayed home so the man could do it, which was lovely of him. So when I came home from work tonight, I checked it and felt so much better. My Sparky car was no longer violated, it was brand new again. :)


  1. Firstly, well done to FH on the great effort! And YAY for having chosen your meals!

    Secondly, what a disaster! You poor thing... but I'm glad you managed to organise your locks before they got in. And yay to your car being fixed. Karma is a b*tch, so they will get what's coming to them!

    1. Thanks cat, yeah i was very very proud of FH. Yeah I hope karma bites the cretin and bites him hard.

  2. arrgghhhh that is so annoying and just sht! I AGREE with Cat.. hopefully Jarma will sort them out.

    Your food on the other hand looks amazing and I wish I was attending, just to eat your Lamb main... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm xx

    1. Haha yeah the lamb was amazing! Flavoured with rosemary beautifully.. If i get stuck for numbers, i'll send one your way :)

  3. Those meals look so good!

    Your car broken into is such an awful thing to happen! So strange I actually had a dream last night that my car got broken into and in my dream I had left my handbag on the backseat, they stole my credit cards and I had to call up to cancel them. Then I got up and read your post... weird!!! Sounds like you've got it all sorted now, and like Cat said, they will get what they deserve.

    1. Wow that was very random with the dream. Yeah I wouldn't wish it on anyone as it is rather unnecessary stress and worry which sucks big time.

  4. What a massive day! I can't believe that on top of all the running around your car was attacked :-(

    At least you picked your meals :-)

    1. Yeah I'm pretty stoked that the meals were sorted. One less thing to organise and now I can start on the menu making :)

  5. Oh no, so upsetting re the car :-(
    Will insurance cover your stuff?

    The food looks delicious! Love your choices!

    1. Yeah was rather upsetting. Yeah insurance would cover the stolen items but as replacing the window was just under $500 and my excess is $500 it wasn't really worth it as I'd lose my no claims bonus, my premiums go up next year and my excess increases as I've only had car insurance for 3 years, being my first car. So we decided that it would be better just to suck it up and pay for it, as we would of come out behind in the end.