Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Meeting ... MC and Wedding planner

Last night we had a meeting with our MC and Wedding Planner and it went really well. I think our MC was a bit surprised at the beginning as I'd forgotten to tell him that Jenny, our wedding planner was going to be there. They both arrived a little bit late due to our place being in a Nav Man blip, which is annoying as we always get phone calls going where do you live ... I'm at the end of so and so's road. Or we end up calling them going "are you lost". So both of them got a smidgen lost, but it worked out well as we were able to create our draft run sheet with Jenny before Salvatore, the MC arrived. 

Wedding planning meeting - Photo credit to Paper Doll Romance
We have decided to split up our speeches, so the fathers will speak before the main is served, the best man and maid of honour will speak before dessert and FH will speak before cutting the cake which then leads into the cake cutting, bridal waltz and dancing. This hopefully stops the guests from getting bored during the speeches as they will only be about 5 minutes each at the most.

The only really big problem that we are coming up against is that the make up artist is not arriving till 11am which is unfortunate but she is really good so I'm not going to go to the trouble of finding someone else to do our make up. So hopefully it will all work out on the day.

Seeing as I am sending out information to the guests at about a month prior with parking, maps, food spots, things to do in Sydney etc. I'm going to include in the information for the ceremony that the guests need to arrive by 2.15pm for the ceremony to start at 2.30pm. I didn't think of this when doing the invite, and Jenny is worried that the guests won't be there when the ceremony starts, so that will hopefully solve that problem.

Salvatore suggested that we have a wishing or telegram tree for guests to write wishes that will be read out during the night and to put a short questionnaire on the tables for the guests to work out amongst themselves, like a table exercise and then the winning table will then be given a goody bag each. Because I have already done table names with stories under them it ties in well and gives Salvatore something to talk about during the night and includes the guests so they don't find that the wedding is boring and want to leave early because it is a Sunday night. 

We are extremely happy with Salvatore to be our MC after the original MC suggested that I find someone else as his friend's wedding was on the same day. So that was a rather awkward situation to be in as we had paid a deposit to him, but it has worked out fantastically. Salvatore has been paid in full, so he is locked in and good to go for our wedding reception.

So the meeting went really well, it gave FH a chance to meet Jenny and Salvatore as he hadn't met them before. And it made all of us feel at ease together, and gave us the chance to create a fun wedding reception. It feels good that everything is slowly coming together and having a wedding planner (as I don't want any stress on the day), contact all the suppliers means that it is taking a load off my shoulders.


  1. I hope you got your deposit back from the original MC!!

    Sounds like it's coming together perfectly, you must be so excited! :)

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