Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding Jandal Box - Ready for display!

I have been slowly putting the finishing touches to the boxes which my creations are going to be displayed in and this post is about the jandals which I have supplied for those guests with sore feet.

My inspirations:

Credit to Elements of Entertaining

Credit to Wedding Bee
Credit to Bellissimo Events
Credit to Project Wedding
Credit to DJ Kenny
And now onto what I've created. Nothing fancy compared to the beauties above but just perfect for what we have in mind. Actually I haven't even worked out where we are going to put it yet either haha.

1. Choose your container: You can use steel buckets, wicker baskets, wooden boxes, whatever your mind conjures up you can pretty much use as your container. I used a wooden wine box which I purchased off eBay. 

Wooden wine box (my photo)
2. Decide how you are going to decorate the outside of your box: I followed the theme of my wishing well and parasol box and used the thick ribbon and white card with black backing with writing in the Rough Type writer font.

Front of the wine box (my photo)
Thick Black Ribbon glue gunned in a bow to front of box (my photo)
Finished front with funky caption - Jandals for those tired feet (my photo)
3. Decide how you are going to put your items in the box: When I brought the boxes, they had some cardboard left in them which was used to house the wine. I glued the cardboard to the inside of the box so I could layer the jandals inside it. I then put some shreds inside it to line it.

The cardboard separator (my photo)
Bag of shreds from Basketwares in Kirrawee (my photo)
Cardboard separator and shreds (my photo)
 4. Display your items: I worked from the back forwards, lining the jandals up in size and attempting to face them the same way and alternate the colours. My jandals were $1 each from Big W so I wasn't able to get them all the same due to the price of them and the small amount left.

Big W Jandal with tag attached (my photo)
Halfway through the displaying (my photo)
And the finished item. I'm rather impressed with the outcome, as at first I didn't think it was going to turn out but I've had a few comments from friends when they came round for dinner and they loved the idea. So I'm pretty stoked with it. See below for the finished photos ...

Finished box - front on (my photo)
Top view (my photo)
Side view (my photo)
Close up top view (my photo)


  1. awesome work. Your DIY projects are always awesome. Jandals... Sounds better than thong box I think

    1. Haha yeah, being a kiwi I call them jandals but was like do I put thongs, flip flops or jandals. I figured most people would know what they are haha

  2. another great DIY idea. Your guests are going to be spoilt!

  3. I was thinking the same as Peony - soo many boxes of goodies = spoilt guests!!

    1. Haha yeah, I just want them to be comfortable, and who knows I might end up grabbing a pair of them myself towards the end of the night, haha

  4. Oh awesome, what a fantastic idea! Looks great too :)

    I'm sure your guests will massively appreciate it.