Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wedding Food .... DIY Menu

After our tasting on Sunday, I've went into mass production of Menus. I looked on the internet and through some magazines for some inspiration on how to design them. I've decided that we will have one placed on each plate and that it would be double sided with the reception menu on one side with the selections for each course and then the beverage list on the back. The meals will be served alternatively so the guests can swap around the table.

Here are my inspirations for wedding menus:
Credit to Charlotte Geary
Credit to Style Me Pretty
Credit to Project Wedding
Credit to Style Me Pretty
Credit to Style Me Pretty
And I could go on forever posting pretty photos of menus but I better stop and show you what I've created for our wedding menus...

1. Decide what you are going to have on your menu: Is it a set menu or is it two dishes per course served alternatively. This will alter the size of your menu. Our menu has two dishes per course so our menu was a little bit long . 

2. Decide how you are going to decorate your menu: I opted for all the courses on the same page and then to have the beverage menu on the back of the card, so the guest could flip the card over to the see the beverages. I used Microsoft Publisher with the Rough Typewriter font that I love. Added a double edged border and altered the spacing so the courses would fit into the menu and decrease the menu in length.

Pre slicing cards (my photo)
Sliced cards (my photo)
3. Is it going to be a single sheet or have a backing: I decided to go with the black and white theme for our menus. It is printed on a white card from Office works with the black onyx star dream card which I've used throughout our stationary suite. 

Adding the backing to the white card (my photo)
The increasing pile of made menus (my photo)
Flip over menus (my photo)
And the finished product... I attempted to create a table setting but didn't really succeed very well as we don't have any white plates or a white table cloth, so please use your imagination :)

Looking front on at place setting with menu, cork place card and home made napkin
Looking down on the place setting with DIY cork place card and DIY black napkin with crystal napkin ring
Menu on the plate, I apologise for the out of focus photo, my phone is having a hissy fit today (my photo)


  1. They look awesome! The napkin ring is just gorgeous. :)

    1. Thank you. I got the napkin rings off ebay. They are actually stretchy wrist bracelets, but work perfectly as napkin rings

  2. So pretty! Very elegant and smart looking. Fantastic work :)

  3. this is great!!!! your wedding will be amazing :)