Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Suit Update ... A slight change..

When FH came home he got onto sorting out his suit pretty quick which I was very impressed with. We went into Spurling Suit Hire in Miranda and was very impressed with the man running the show. 

Image credit to Bridal Wave
He listened to what both of us had to say and asked about what colour my dress was and made sure that FH's vest was ok with it. He also suggested that the boys wear a different coloured vest as well, which keeps them apart from looking like the other guests at the wedding when they take their jackets off, as they would be wearing a black tie and white shirt. This is something that we would of never thought about. He also included the pocket hankie which I thought made the suit look very smart.

See the photos below for what the boys will be wearing. It is the same Lochlan Suit which FH picked out in the first place, just with different coloured vests...

Groom Suit Front on with white shirt, ivory tie and vest (my photo)

Groom Suit Side on (my photo)

Groomsmen Suit with silver vest and black tie (my photo)


  1. Looks lovely!
    I'm now contemplating hiring the boys' suits too, is Spurling good? A is pretty picky and wants a really well fitting one so we're unsure whether to buy his and hire the boys depending on whether hire is good value for money.
    I've got some research ahead I think!

    1. Yeah spurling has been great, well, what i've seen so far. Check them out and see what you think. We've decided to hire as it's much more cost effective for us. Good luck with your research