Thursday, August 02, 2012

Wedding parasol display boxes .. inspiration and the real thing

Photos like the one below have inspired me to have parasols at my wedding. I don't know whether it is going to be hot or rainy, as its in October and a week within the date either side last year was hot and the other side raining. So I'm covering my bases. I've blogged about how I've purchased parasols last year for it but haven't got around to showing you display images of what inspired me and what I've decided to do.

So here's my inspirations

Credit to What a wedding blog

Credit to Elizabeth Anne Designs
Credit to We are getting Married blog
Credit to Belle the Magazine blog

And this is how I created my own parasol display box:

1. Select a parasol house that you like. I had brought a wine box off eBay a wee while ago and was saving it for this purpose. When I piled them all into it, it didn't look perfect, but I figured I could just deal with it. I pulled off the lid and took out the cardboard bottle separators and this is what I ended up with.

The wine box (my photo)
Wine box and parasols (my photo)
Step 2. Decide how you are going to decorate it. I wanted to tie a black ribbon around it and place a card on the front of it so guests know what to do with it. I used black ribbon which I had previously brought off eBay and used the Rough Typewriter font which I had downloaded onto publisher for my previous table names, applied a border and you have the guest instructions. I attached the ribbon by glue gun and then glued the card to the ribbon and the box to hold it, so it sits slightly upright for better visibility.

Black Ribbon from eBay (my photo)

Guest Sign (my photo)

3. Work out how you are going to position the parasols. I had trouble with this part. They just didn't want to sit right in the box, which started to frustrate me immensely. I ended up finding some polystyrene left over from making my bridesmaids boxes and cut it down so it just slipped in the box and stood up, giving the parasols an extra bit of lift. I then folded some cardboard over it to keep it nice and tidy, especially when the parasols get taken out, you are not left with a messy box. I put a little bit of glue on the cardboard to hold it to the side of the box.

Cardboard parasol propper upper (my photo)

4. Decide whether you are going to decorate your parasols. I had made some favour tags when I was doing my ceremony fans and had a few left over, so I attached them to some thicker ribbon and tied it just above the handle of the parasol which created a nice effect and made the parasol look a little bit nicer.

Pre made favour tag with thin black ribbon (my photo)

Black parasol with favour tag and thin black bow (my photo)
White parasol with favour tag and thin black bow (my photo)
5. And fall in love with your finished product. I like my parasol box but I don't love it. It'll do for the time being. It think the sides of the box are too high and the box slightly too small to get my desired effect. But its perfect for now :)

Parasol box with sign (my photo)
Parasol box side on (my photo)


  1. where did you get the parasols from?

    1. I got them off ebay from a seller in china I think it was. Here's the link for them ..

      The store is called Flourish Chinese Crafts and you usually receive the parcel within two weeks of purchasing it or less. Really efficient. I also brought a heap of fans from them aswell. The parasols are about $7 each and are way cheaper than what you can get in australia, well what I've researched anyways. Hope that helps.

  2. they look great. It looks like you will have all basis covered for your guests! :)

    1. Thank you. Yeah I just want my guests to be comfortable and who knows what this weather is going to be doing in October :)

  3. oh my gosh!! I have never heard of or seen these at a wedding..pretty unique! good luck with all the planning..have fun!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. Thank you. Just a way to deal with the heat of the australian sun. :)

  4. Little black sheep, I think parasols are a wonderful idea. I want to have it at our wedding too! Let me know if you're interested in selling them second hand afterwards because I'm would be happy to get them off you. My email is

    1. Hi there, I just emailed you at the above email address. Thanks for following my blog :)