Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Kingscliff Wedding ...

We travelled up to Kingscliff on Friday for one of my workmates and friend's wedding on the Saturday. We went to dinner that night, just FH and I, at Season. Drink. Dine, at Peppers on Salt Beach and the food was fantastic. We had oysters and pork belly for an entrée and steak and lamb for the main. Absolutely fantastic. FH was right when he said that the restaurant had been given 19/20 on a food review site. It was great!. There was also domesticated black rabbits around the place which had been released and they had gone wild ... the type of black pet shop rabbit .. so cute! Wish I had my phone so I could of taken a photo of them. 

On Saturday, the weather was beautiful and our friends were so lucky that it was a stunning hot day down on the beach. Not so hot that we were sweating our make up off but just enough that you didn't feel cold standing on the beach watching the beautiful couple become husband and wife.

The beautiful beach ceremony set up on Kingscliff Beach (my photo)

The ceremony was moving and sweet. I had tears in my eyes when K, the bride came down the aisle, she just looked absolutely stunning. Her dress was amazing. I won't post a photo but it was stunning, it had beautiful crystal detail over the bodice of it and down along the back section, and the base of the dress was a cascade of beautiful ruffled pleats. Just gorgeous! We couldn't hear very well due to the volume of the waves at times, but you could see the expressions on the bride and groom's face and it was gorgeous. 

Sweep panorama of the ceremony (my photo)
We then headed to the pub attached to the Mantra at Salt Beach where we were staying and had a few drinks before heading up to one of our friend's rooms where we polished off a bottle of bubbles and chilled out before the reception. Here's a photo of FH and I on the balcony ... 

FH and I (my photo)
I was so happy with my dress. I did a few hours of last minute shopping before work on Wednesday morning and popped into Forever New and snapped up this little beauty for $150, then into Bett's as they were having a sale and grabbed a nice pair of gold and blush heels and a bag which matched them for $100 so was extremely happy as my outfit cost me $250. And it means that I can wear it next weekend to our other friend's wedding. None of them know each other so I can get away with it. I got a spray tan Thursday evening even though I was feeling crook as a dog as I'd come home from work early and spent most of the day vomiting much to my dislike. I felt like a million bucks yesterday, thanks to a whole lot of new make up as well (after my make up was taken when my car got broken into). 

We then headed down to the Deck Bar and had canapés and more bubbles till the reception room opened and boy it was beautiful. I was trying out the new camera we had with a sweep panorama on it, very cool. 

The reception with the sweep panorama, i just have to remember to go a bit faster as I give people double heads (my photo)
The food was amazing! I had a prawn entrée and a steak main. And the cake was served as dessert and it was a scrumptious dark chocolate mud cake. I only had a smidgen of it as it was the type of chocolate that gives me wicked headaches. But the little bit I had was gorgeous!

We called it a night at about 11pm, the bubbles had gone to both of our heads and my stomach was still not quite right, plus we were getting up early today to catch a flight back to Sydney. This morning we got up to another beautiful day, went and filled up on the big buffet breakfast consisting of a chai latte, and bacon, eggs, mushrooms and a hash brown. Was so yummy! 

Sweep Panorama of the Mantra at Salt Beach (my photo)
Packed our bags and drove back to Coolangatta airport to arrive back to a nice sunny Sydney day, not as hot as Kingscliff, but still lovely. Picked up creature feature, Bella our cat, from where she had been staying with Aunty S (FH's sister) and her two dogs. And returned home to unpack and relax on the couch and kill some bad dudes on X box (yes I do enjoy a game or two, it's something you can do together as a couple).  

Bella must of had a busy time with the two dogs as we got the occasional photo of her and the dogs attempting to be friends (this was a trial run for the honeymoon, so we don't have to pay cattery fees), as she has been passed out on the couch between the two of us for most of the evening which is rather weird for her. She's usually attempting to beat me up now that FH is home as she loves him to pieces .. yes this is my cat haha, she is the dominant female in this household.

Exhausted Bella wedged in between FH and me (my photo)
So that's is this week's wedding. We've got another to go to in Melbourne this coming weekend so that will be another nice weekend away. This time I must remember to take my phone with me so I can take some easier quick snaps as I left it on the seat of the car in the airport parking and only realised when I was on the plane.. duh!

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!


  1. Haha Aww Bella is so cute!

    Wedding looked fab, and you look absolutely gorgeous!

    How good is the panorama feature on cameras!

    1. Thanks Cat, yeah bella is cute when she wants to be :)

      I'm learning to love the camera feature. Will try it out more this coming weekend at the melbourne weding :)

  2. What a perfect setting for a wedding!

    Love that dress and colour on you =]

    1. Yeah it was absolutely beautiful, thanks for your kind comments about the dress, ive managed to track down the same one but in blue, so that will be for this weekend. So happy :)