Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY Pocket Fold Invitations - A work in progress....

Wedding invitations can be a statement or they can be a piece of paper detailing the required information. It depends on how much importance you want to place on your invites. I'm kinda in the middle. I want some nice ones but I don't want over the top, fussy, expensive ones. I want some that I can create at my own leisure in my own home. 

Black, Red and White Wedding Invitation Mood Board
Mood Board Credits:
Left Top: Charlotte Geary Photography; Left Middle: Eastwind Creations; Bottom Middle: Wedding Invitations; Middle Top: Imagine.. Hand made wedding stationary; Middle Middle: Zimbio; Middle Bottom: Wedding Wire;  Right Top: Charlotte Geary Photography; Right Bottom: Wedding Invitation Avenue

I scoured many a google search looking for the cheapest pocket fold invite which is a three part invite shown in some of the photos above. We thought this would be appropriate as we had some information to include like accommodation, maps, RSVP card, and wishing well card and thought that it would hold all the information together quite nicely.

Template ordered from Aus supplier
Many of the places that sold pocket folds were in America and they were quite pricey per pocket, same as in Australia. I purchased one and had it sent to me as a template so I could see whether I could make my own. Template shown on in the photo on the left. I made a dodgy home run attempt which has got lost around the house somewhere so I can't photograph it and show you. But soon after found on a google search an easier way to make the pocket fold. 

First try of the easier pocket fold
I finally had a successful creation as seen on the photo on the right. This is the link and it has a fabulous step by step way of making your pocket fold. They make the length of the pocket fold first and then the actual pocket seperately and then glue the pocket to the length of the card. So much easier!! I also love the fact that it can be made on A4 card because i was having trouble sourcing A3 paper in Star dream Onyx - black glittery card, very pretty. 

Star dream card - Onyx and Mars Red
I thought that we would put the main invite in the middle section, standing upright, so when opened, the pocket is on the side. There are so many different ways of doing it but this appeared to be the way that both FH and I were happy with. I also thought that I could use a red piece of card behind the white invite so it would fit in with our black, white and red theme. I've sourced some Star dream Mars red card for this in A4 size.

And with the pocket we've got enough room for our RSVP card, wishing well card, accommodation card and map of venues which is great, so something else to add into the DIY list - invite inserts.. arghh...


  1. I wish u had this a year ago!!! I succumbed to budgetary pressures and got invites on the cheap instead for ours but love the effort you are putting into this! The inspirations are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks happyeverafter. I love DIY projects so there will be many more to come on here :)