Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Wedding Cars - deciding what we liked...

I've always liked classic cars like jags and bentley's and can remember pressing my face to the window when younger watching the wedding cars go past, and going look, look, LOOK!!!!  I'm not the type of girl who has had her wedding planned since age 5, and it was always if I do ever get married instead of when I get married... I'd love to have those cars... 

Courtesy of Simon Barnes Photography
It's funny too because FH has started pointing out wedding cars when we are driving around Sydney on the weekends. I think it's rather cute and love him dearly for it. It makes me excited to think that that will be us soon when I see them. Anyway back onto the subject of picking out our wedding cars.

I was lucky enough because FH likes the classic type of car as well and when discussing what we liked for cars, we thought that this would be the way to go. So I started googling Bentley and Jaguars car companies. I came across this link from Cavanagh Photography which details  how to choose your wedding cars and I think it is rather helpful, especially when looking at things like the interior quality, whether you can get in and out of the car in your big dress if you are having one, and whether they have a wet weather or breakdown back up plan.

We went and visited a few car companies:
Bentley car in middle (my photo)

Many of the car companies were similar in nature and other cars were not so well maintained. Wedding Cars of Distinction stood out far and beyond. One of my workmates suggested them to me when we were talking at work. She used them for her wedding in Wollongong and the bridesmaids were getting quite cold during the photos. Peter, the driver brought out some lovely shawls to keep them warm. This is amazing service!!!

Professional Drivers
When we visted Wedding Cars of Distinction we were very impressed. The cars were immaculate inside and out and very well cared for. We were even able to see the drivers in their uniform as they were just about to leave for a job that afternoon and they were very well done up. Very professional looking. 

Mark 5 Jag (my photo)
We spoke to Peter (the father) and his son and son's wife regarding the cars and they helped design a package that was suitable for us. We had the bride and groom, three bridesmaids and three groomsmen and possibly grandma's to cater for. We fell in love with the Mark 5 jags and the Bentley. We were originally only going to have two cars - the option of a Mark 5 jag and a Princess Daimler which seated 8.

FH absolutely loves the Mark 5 Jags so we compromised and got two Mark 5 Jags and the Bentley (for me and FH) as the dress was to be considered and I could get in and out of the Bentley quite easy, the Jags were a bit more tight. They are absolutely stunning cars and the package was really affordable. We also had a getaway car included in the package, depending on which hotel we were going to stay at (i.e one of them is within walking distance from the reception). We were also looking for black and silver cars as our theme is black and white with a touch of red and silver. So they fit our theme perfectly.

The package includes for  $2470: 
Complimentary Canapes
  • x1 Mark 6 Bentley and x2 Mark 5 Jags for 4 hours
  • x1 Mark 5 Jag getaway car 
  • Professionally chauffers attired and attentive to your every need
  • Cars adorned with white satin ribbons, with alternative colours also available
  • Red carpet option is available upon request
  • Large umbrellas are provided for both rain and shine
    Complimentary beverages are provided including Champagne, Coca Cola, Lemonade and Mineral Water
  • Complimentary Canapés are also provided, including Gourmet Cheese & Crackers, Cashews
    or Mixed Nuts, Dried Fruit and Fresh Seasonal Fruit.
After being very happy with our decision, we paid our deposit and I'm continuing to get excited when I see wedding cars, especially like the ones that we have. So can't wait to hang out in them!!   

Here's a few photos I found of the Wedding Cars of Distinction Cars on the internet. So pretty!!!
Photos from


  1. The older style cars are gorgeous an so romantic! Good choice :)

  2. Love your choice in cars - they look so beautiful in photos. I always remember one of mums wedding photos when I was little with mum and dad in the classic cars taken from the back. It was gorgeous.
    Also love the fact Cars of distinction provide canapés and drinks (one less thing to carry around)

  3. Thanks guys, its good to know that others share my liking for them as well. Cevepa- I thought it would be good to have canapes and drinks while we've having our photos taken. So at least i'll be able to have something to eat and drink and agreed not having to lug it around with us is awesum

  4. I had a classic car too! They look Ah-May-Zing in photos! And you'll find everyone on the roads will be peeping in to catch a glimpse of the pretty bride on the day! *wink*

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    1. Hey Brianna, that would be great. Feel free, just cross credit them, that's all that I ask. Thanks heaps

  6. this is such a nice and useful information for us...i appreciate urs cars

  7. Wedding is the most special and awaited event that is celebrated with great pomp and show. This is the day for which lots of arrangement and preparation needs to be done. Along with all celebration for the event, one thing that is most prominent is the choice of car one selects for the occasion.

  8. Your wedding was absolutely beautiful. I’m actually green with envy right now! :] I’ve heard of so many women dreaming of a vintage chic wedding theme like yours. And it wouldn’t be genuine if a classic car is missing. Old but glorious cars are undying icons of the past, after all. Best wishes!