Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Photographer - how we chose one..

Finding a photographer was not as easy as we thought it would be. We are both keen photographers ourselves so we wanted someone who was fantastic at it. We looked into FIVO Photography who had a gorgeous style and I was trying to line up an appointment but got an email two days before our appointment and was advised that our date had been taken by someone in Melbourne. Gutted... so I kept looking.....

Taken by Michal Kriesch Photography

After nearly turning my eyes inside out and very nearly pulling my hair out in frustration trying to find the best package. We were looking for full day coverage with bride and groom prep, high res dvd of images, +/- album (as we were going to make our own) and under $3000. We narrowed down some more potentials and visited many wedding expos (FH being bored out of his brain) and decided to make appointments with these ones to see their work:
Michal Kriesch Photography
We ruled out the top two companies and then had to make the very hard decision between Puregraphy and Michal Kriesch. Puregraphy's work was stunning but they had only been in the business for a short while and we wanted to make sure that they would still be around at the time of our wedding. I also felt bad for them because when we had our appointment it was pouring with rain and they had to come out and open the big gate for us, problem was... they left the keys to the complex inside and it locked them out. We stood with them till their makeup artist arrived to let them back in. It was rather amusing and we got to know Jackson and his co photographer during this time. Great couple of guys. Michal Kriesch was a passionate and professional photographer who seemed to have a wealth of experience and magical shots. The appointment was at his home in North Paramatta and he had a great setup to show us his work.

Michal Kriesch Photography
So we now had the decision to make..... FH loved Michal Kriesch's work and I loved Puregraphy. I eventually walked over to the dark side of the decision and we paid a deposit with Michal Kriesch to photograph our wedding day. He does a lot of posed shots which I think is great because I have trouble being in front of a camera and have a tendency to do a fake smile which is terrible (it looks like i'm baring my teeth) and gets copious pokes in the ribs from FH. FH has threatened that if I fake smile on the honeymoon i'm going to be in big big trouble.. haha. 

His package is really affordable $3999.00 and includes (in a summarised version): 
Michal Kriesch Photography
  • Unlimited Hours 
  • Digital negatives (all images, approx 2500 in full resolution on dvds)
  • Web gallery (password protected)
  • 14 x 11 inch wedding album - 15 pages (30 sides), artistic design using 100-150 of favorite images.

Michal Kriesch Photography
And I couldn't be happier.... I have 'liked' Michal Kriesch's Facebook Page and the photos that come up on it of recent wedding photos that he has taken are amazing!!!!!!!!!!! He travels overseas and shoots weddings there as well and they are just spectacular. I can't wait to have him around on the day. 


  1. Photography was so much harder than I thought it was going to be too!
    We locked ours in just before Christmas so I'll have to blog all about my experience too! X
    Nice blog!

  2. Hey, thanks for reading my blog and commenting, greatly appreciated.Yeah, its so good when you lock them in, one less thing to worry about. I look forward to reading your blog too :)