Friday, January 13, 2012

Wedding planner - to have one or not.....

Reading wedding magazines creates a list of wants, must haves and needs... a wedding planner falls into this list and also if you're someone who can stress a wee bit or a time sparse bride with a busy work and social life sometimes it's a rather helpful option...

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And we all loved the romantic chick flick which was released in 2001 - The Wedding Planner with J Lo and Matt McConaughey... Sitting in the cinema dreaming that that would be a fantastic job apart from dealing with the bridezilla's.

I sometimes stress over the little things and not the big things which is probably a good thing but also rather annoying at times. And there is no way that I want to be stressed on my wedding day, so thought that my splurge was going to be a Wedding Day of Coordination Planner. I spoke to FH about it and he thought it would be a good idea and we both want a stress free day. 

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I checked our preferred supplier list of the Dockside Group and Angelic Events and Design was on there, so made an appointment to meet Jess who runs Angelic Events. They are also reception and ceremony designers which is a bonus as well. 

We met Jess at Waterfront and had a really good appointment with her. Her tastes are very similar to mine and she had her wedding at The Argyle in the Rocks which is sandstone and her colour scheme was similar to ours as well. So that helped immensely as she was able to suggest some things that might work for us.

We have arranged to have Day of Wedding Coordination where we have someone to help coordinate the day so things run smoothly. This will be from 10.30am till 6.30pm. We also have a Wedding Executive with the Dockside Group and her services will start at 5.30pm when the reception starts so everything is covered which is great. And because they have all worked together before it will be perfect!

Credit to Angelic Events
Jess has also put together a ceremony decor package and a reception decor package which I will blog about in later posts. Everything has been realistic price wise as I didn't want to spend too much money on a wedding planner but for peace of mind $650 is not much at all. The rest of the package for set up and dismantle is very affordable as well. A few things included in the package at first were a bit pricey and I realised that I could DIY them myself to cut down on costs. Like making 80 black linen napkins. A time consuming mission but I did it!

Jess has been fantastic. I've emailed her about multiple things and she has always been fast at getting back to my emails with the right information and is very pleasant to deal with. We've seen her at the Dockside Group open day and she recognised us straight away which was lovely and asked about my DIY projects. I've got an appointment with her in early Feb to discuss the day of coordination details and other reception/ceremony things which will be fun and will get to meet her wedding planner who will be looking after us on the day. 

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