Friday, January 27, 2012

Centrepieces, flowers and candles - what goes with what....

The Reception decorations are an important part of your wedding as determines the theme and sets the mood of your wedding.  Too many decorations can make it cluttered, too less can make it bare or minimalist. We have opted for a traditional but old classic almost vintage theme with the sandstone and old cars, with a splash of red (as FH puts it for me). So I've tried to carry it through with decoration ideas shown on my inspiration boards as below.

Guest Table Inspiration Board
Some of the above things I've already purchased or created myself. 

Napkins: Made from black suiting fabric and very lovingly sewed along with burnt fingers from the iron, they are decorated with a sparkly diamante bracelet which I have sourced from China from an eBay supplier called Pink Dream, link as above.

Acrylic Frames: Sourced from a Sydney company called Profile Australia I'm going to buy ten of these to place on each table with the name of a favourite place of ours and a story underneath it detailing why its important to us.

Wine corks: I've purchased off eBay through a used wine cork search and then sold off the red stained wine corks that I didn't think were suitable for our purpose. If they were too stained or too broken I put them in the reject basket and then auctioned them off on eBay as suitable for arts and crafts purposes.

Centre pieces: I'm going to decorate with tall white candles, very pretty when lit up.

Crystal Scatters: Have been sourced from an eBay seller called Ling's Moments

Red chocolates: Need to source from a Australian company. On my to do list

Flowers and sashes: From Jess at Angelic Events and Design.

Cake Table Inspiration Board

The above mood board is my cake inspiration board. All the ideas that I would like for our cake. I love the cake surrounded by tealights, gives it a very pretty ambience. And our cake!!!  From Casa Del in Marrickville, Sydney. Can't wait to see it at our reception. 

Cake Boxes: made by a template that I created. I made them out of heavy black card sourced from Eckersleys in Taren Point. The ribbon was sourced from ebay and spotlight. 

Wooden letters: Sourced from MDF Magic. I'm going to paint them in red and black, the letters black and the heart red. I've also bought a bigger set with both our names with a heart in the middle. Have to add them to my painting list as well.

Tealights and cake topper: To be provided by Angelic Events and Design

Black frames: to come out with cake boxes. Still have to source these.

Easels, Lights and Guest Books

I really like the idea of mood lighting, old fashioned easels and polaroid cameras. The fairy lighting is provided by Waterfront Restaurant in the package and its so pretty.

Chandelier: Sourced from Angelic Events and Design

Polaroid Mini Instax Camera: Purchased off ebay with the films. Will have to purchase some more films so we can have photos of all our guests for the day.

Guest book: Still havent found one yet but working on it.

Bird cage: Love the idea of a bird cage. Initially we were going to have a wishing well for the reception but I've fallen in love with the bird cage and we can use it as home decor after the wedding. I'm looking for a square, black, reasonably large bird cage that I can decorate with red roses. I may even find a white one and spray paint it black if it comes to that.

Table Number Easel: Love the old silver vintage frame - not sure whether it will fit in with our theme but I'm sure I'll find something similar in the op shops or off eBay. Or may even just find a large canvas and get the guest list printed on a large piece of paper through Vista Print and purchase an easel stand at some stage to stand it on.

So that's pretty much ideas for our reception. What do you think so far?


  1. I still can't get over how organised you are!
    You've literally thought of everything! All the little details are coming together so nicely!
    I used Ling's Moments on eBay for monogram Swarovski cake toppers for our engagement cake, they were so pretty I'm trying to think of a way to use them at the wedding :)
    Do pink frosting have the red foil hearts? I'd give them a go!

  2. Thanks jessica. Im very happy so far with my progress. Yeah pink frosting will prob have the hearts, just going to leave it six mths so they don' t melt and I dont eat them in the meantime haha

  3. Omg your inspiration boards for your reception are so gorgeous! I love every bit of it and you are so talented! I think the acrylic frames, the crystals and the napkin rings have me floored. Can't wait to see everything put together!

    1. thanks so much, it took a wee while to put the boards together with FH giving me help on photoshop when i got stuck, but I'm really happy with them. I plan to give Jess, my reception designer lady them when I meet with her on Monday. Can't wait to see what else she comes up with