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To me garden weddings are romantic and fun as above, my initial idea for our ceremony. We both aren't keen on a church wedding. I only go to church when i really really have to... i.e funerals, or when dragged there by my grandma when I was younger. 

So a garden wedding was decided. We visited many a park and garden. Some cost heaps and others only a couple of hundred, some to noisy or too public, or hard to access. So many of them had restrictions on how many things that you can bring, amount of chairs, no stakes etc and then there is the debate of whether you can have rose petals, confetti or not.. What's wedding without confetti! That got me down for a few seconds but then I decided that we could have bubbles instead. Yay. 

We finally decided to have a walk through the Sydney Botanic Gardens. I had originally shied away from these gardens as so many couples get married there and it is quite a popular destination for tourists. Do you want to know something!!!! I fell in love with the gardens the moment we walked through them. There were so many options as to where to hold the ceremony i.e either under the gumtrees, on the lawn, in the rose garden etc etc. 

FH (Future hubby) decided that the Rose Garden Pavilion was the place to be and we booked it. It's rather pretty with a lovely pavilion and grass lawns with roses either side. It is relatively private compared to the rest of the gardens and there are several options as where to hold the ceremony. We have it for a 2 hour time period and also have toilets added onto the price which will be cleaned on the day. Perfect I think.

(taken by me)
(taken by me)

We will either have the ceremony facing this way (see left above photo) or looking down the garden from the pavilion depending on the direction of the sun (see right above photo)
(taken by me)

Either way we have a wet weather option as above. We are only allowed to have 12 chairs and 2 tables I think and nothing sticking into the ground. So i'm thinking white carpet (hate the red stuff), chairs with pomander balls hanging off them and x2 plinths with some flowers on that we will stand in front of and of course the registry table. 

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