Monday, January 23, 2012

Cake, cake and more cake - tasting time....

The cake ... a very very important part of your reception. Well for us anyway. We wanted something that tasted nice and looked good, that fitted in with our theme of traditional with black and white, with a splash of red. 

Credit to Bay Area Bride Guide

I got onto the google machine again and found many a cake image in black and white with red, and we obtained a general idea of what we wanted. I then checked out the preferred suppliers list from Dockside and they had:
Credit to Wedding Accessories
We'd already met the people from Van Mae's and Doy's at the Dockside Wedding Open Day and they had really nice cakes but not the flavours that we were after. I wanted something slightly different and the chance to alternate tier flavours. 

Our reception package from Dockside includes the 1st tier of the cake. I really liked the idea of the three tier cake because of the look that comes with it, and the ability to dress it up using different components. So we decided to contact The Cake Studio and Casa Del Cakes to see what they offered and what flavours they had. 

Red Rose top idea
We made an appointment with Casa Del on a Saturday morning. They were very busy but Maria helped us design a potential cake for us. Actually it was one of her cake examples sitting in her office. Absolutely awesome!!  

We then popped in on the way home to The Cake Studio at Sans Souci. We then dropped in on one of FH's friends and got him to be the victim of our cake overload with us. We had about 10 samples all up and some of them were very rich tasting, some drier and others very very moist. But most of them all very delicious. It was decided that Casa Del's Cakes were much moister and yummier so emailed Maria and started working out what our cake flavours were going to be.

My photo of our cake to be
So this is going to be our cake - see the photo on the right. Pretty much exactly the same but the flowers are going to be fresh red roses instead of the marzipan flowers, similar to the roses on the black and white cake above. It was interesting for me because I didn't think that FH would be interested in the quilting effect (top layer) and he surprisingly was the one who actually picked the cake out of the ones on Maria's cake examples stand. I was very impressed. 

Our flavours are: Red Velvet with Chocolate Ganache for the top layer, Sticky date for the middle layer and Caramel for the bottom layer. It's going to be sooo yummy. 

Credit to Jerry's Cake Lab

I thought it was quite sweet because last week I turned 31 and FH was at the supermarket and he found some cupcakes with the Red Velvet flavour, so I was a busy bee in the kitchen making yummy cupcakes. So glad we chose the red velvet as it tastes fantastic!  On the left is a photo of a red velvet ganache, similar to what our top layer will look like inside..


  1. red,white and black was originally the colours I was going for. Great choice and it sounds deeeliiisshhhh

  2. Oh what a yummy cake!!! I love red velvet! If I went back to choosing my cake again I would so definitely choose that too!

  3. Thanks guys. yeah love the black, white, red theme. So pretty and the cake was so yummy to taste. Can't wait to eat it on the day!!