Sunday, January 15, 2012

DIY Favour Tags - soo so many to choose from....

I thought I'd go all crafty again and create some favour tags. Not actually for favours but to put on the fans, parasols and jandals. Just little things that I'd thought might accentuate the day and that guests can take with them if they want too...  but not favours or bonbonierre I keep telling myself... haha

Favour Tags Ideas mood board
Top left: Good things wedding favours; Top middle: Discount Dress; Top right: Wedding Bee 
Left middle: Creative Chatter; Middle middle: Pink Frosting; Right middle: Hey Love Designs; Left bottom: Paper Blog; Middle bottom: The Sweetest Occasion; Right Middle: It's a Bride's Life

So after being inspired by some of the images above. I somehow stumbled across this
Credit to Pretty Chicky
courtesy of Pretty Chicky, which have some very good ideas and inspirations. I downloaded the favour tag and as according to the comments left on the link page, it has some issues when you change names and make the image bigger. But because I've got some know how on scanning, photo shopping and cropping/transforming etc. I was able to take the small line with a heart and change it into what I wanted for a favour tag. 

Items required:
  • An idea of what you want your favour tags to look like
  • A computer program like Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop or whatever that you have on your computer than can manipulate or transform images
  • A guillotine cutter (not necessary but makes cutting things so much quicker)
  • A sharp pair of scissors
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • A hole punch
  • Thin ribbon 3mm wide in whatever colour you require
    Our finished Favour Tag

I printed the template on normal white card which I purchased from Spotlight on my normal as printer - no fancy schmancy printing options for me. And then put double sided sticky tape on the back of the white card and then stuck it onto the Mars Red Star dream paper, and then cut that to have a red border around the white card. 

I then double sided sticky taped the red paper to the black card that I purchased from a craft store in Taren Point called Eckersleys, I think that's the stores name. They have heaps of great paper products and a good wedding invitation section. Beats Spotlights selection any day and they don't run out of stock as often as Spotlight does.. that was starting to frustate me big time with one of my other projects.  Sorry about the blank spots in the photo, on the right, in the finished favour tag, our names and date have been taken out for privacy reasons. 

Once I'd gotten all the card together and sitting in the right place, I had a white card, red border and then black border as the base, which I was quite happy with because it fitted with our theme. I decided that I would follow through with this theme for most of our wedding stationary as I thought it looked quite effective. I punched a hole in the top of the tag with a hole punch so i could pass some ribbon through the top of it to attach it to whatever I wanted it to hang off.
Small thin ribbon - red and black
I purchased some thin, I think 3mm ribbon from an eBay seller in China really cheap for heaps of good quality satin ribbon. The black ribbon is from this seller, and the red ribbon is from Spotlight before I found this seller.  I love getting things from Spotlight due to the convenience but I don't like the fact that it can get expensive, so if you have time to spare before making these tags, check out eBay and your products purchased should be with you in about two weeks time. 

So that is my finished DIY favour tag, if anyone wants the template that I've created, just add a comment in the comment box saying that you want it with your email or vogue forums pm me on kels30 with your email there and I can email it to you. So to save time instead of creating them from scratch yourself,  you can just change the names and date on it and you'll have your very own favour tag without half the fuss and time that it took me to create it. BONUS!!

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