Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chandeliers and Fairy Draping - pretty pretty little things....

Our reception package includes fairy lighting which I absolutely love, it's provided by Elegant Drapings. It's strung across the roof and it creates a very romantic atmosphere....

Credit to Dockside Weddings
 It's not your typical fairy light draping either, as shown in the photo above, this is a wedding set up in the Settlers Hall at Waterfront where we are having our reception. It's very pretty and soft with the fabric. 

We attended an Open Day at Waterfront and they had the most fantastic chandelier hanging in the room and it just looked amazing as the room was done up in a black and white theme which was very similar to ours. FH said that we should get the chandelier as it just made the room come alive and created an extremely romantic atmosphere. I loved the fact that he loved it.

I contacted Elegant Drapings who had set the fairy draping and chandelier up for the dockside expo, but had some trouble getting through to them, so I called Jess at Angelic Events and Design, and she immediately sent me an email through with the below photos attached. They were the same chandelier that we had seen at Dockside and I loved how it looked. We decided to hire them through her, and they were a more affordable price as well which was great.

Watersedge Chandelier courtesy of Angelic Events and Design

And the photo below is the one that decided it for me. It just makes the room look romantic and gorgeous. A definite must have to fit in with our theme.....

Chandelier at Waterfront - courtesy of Angelic Events and Design

Waterfront chandelier taken on my phone.



  1. Love Chandeliers and it does add that extra bit of "oooahhhh" :)

  2. What a beautiful venue !! You lucky thing :) Can't believe i wasn't already following you !! Craziness, i am now though