Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Envelopes again....

Yes I know in my last post I was rattling on about envelope sizes and how my ones didn't fit. The ones that I had ordered from Amazing Papers in Newtown arrived yesterday in the post. And it was perfect because FH got to choose which one he thought was best before he left to go overseas for many months ... sad face.. but he comes back just before the wedding so happy face :-)

Silver and Black Envelopes (my photo)

When I pulled them out I knew immediately which one I wanted to use. I put the invite into both of them and showed FH and he picked the black matte envelope which is the one that I wanted as well. The silver one was too light and contrasted too much with the black invite.

Silver Envelope (my photo)
The black one costs fifty three cents and the silver metallic one is $1 so we are definitely saving money by going with the black one as well.

I placed an order with Amazing Paper today for 60 black envelopes and it cost under $40 including postage so I'm rather happy with the prices. Didn't really want to pay an huge amount just for envelopes. It seems kinda ridiculous especially as they are just going to get thrown in the bin afterwards. 

Black envelope (my photo)
Yay, so now all we are waiting for is the envelopes to arrive in the mail. That shouldn't take too long as they are a Sydney based company. And for the wide red ribbon which is 1 and half inches wide to arrive from china, hopefully that should be this week or next week as I ordered it a couple of weeks ago from eBay. So that is really all we need to finish our invites.. well for me to start the crazy invite making process. And our plan is to get them mailed out in about a month to two months time to give the overseas and interstate guests to be able to book flights and arrange accommodation.


  1. I agree with the envelopes, i was thinking about that too when i got my invites that ppl eventually will throw them in the bin so i shouldn't spend a whole heap on it.

    1. Yeah, gotta save some money somewhere haha :)My problem was that I wanted them to sort of match the invite and didn't want it looking absolutely terrible. So i'm very lucky thanks to Amazing Papers

  2. Thanks for sharing your envelope woes. I'm about to start the invitation process and a few people have mentioned that it's easier to get your envelopes first! The new black envelope lo
    looks so sleek.

    1. Thanks AC, I'm glad that this post has helped you. Yeah def get your envelopes first and then work your invites out from there. Will save you from having odd envelopes lying around the house :)